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What’s In My Bag? (Embarrassment, That’s What!)


This post can alternatively be named:

  • Lighten Up! Clean out your damn purse!
  • How Emptying Out Your Purse Can Both Mortify and Motivate You
  • How To Manifest Two Blazers

Anyway, It’s been a while since I have done a What’s In My Bag post.

Now, before you are assaulted with the load of crap that I have been hauling around for a couple months since I last changed bags… I must warn you.

I’m a mom.

And I’m a scatterbrain.

Let me tell you how my bag is set up. There’s a small pocket on the outside. That’s where I put my lip gloss, credit card, ID. Everything else gets thrown into the abyss called “the inside of the bag.”

The bag generally goes from passenger seat of the car, to desk drawer at work. It barely ever comes inside the house. And if I go to a store, I usually just grab the stuff from the small outside pocket and run in the store. I tend to just add stuff in to the bag depending on where I’m going or coming from.  I don’t usually take things out. LOL. Once in a blue I will go in for something… hunt for years… then just go to Target and buy whatever it was I was looking for but couldn’t find in that messy satchel.

Now that you have my backstory….

Here’s the bag.

::covers face in shame::



If you’re not sure what you’re looking at…. it’s called a hot mess.

So lemme kinda organize it for you:


We’ve got your standard categories:

Essentials, Junk, Personal Care, Prettifiers, Receipts, Vehicles, Sun Protection and Diapers. LOL

And sticky notes galore, coupons, earrings I’ve been looking for, used tissues (ew!!), a warm bottle of water… which I proceeded to drink, my kindle I’ve been missing, baby sunscreen and pads/tampons galore.

Seriously, I was surprised at what I found in here!

  • A paint sample sheet (we bought the paint months ago)
  • Butt paste for Kaya (I bought more cuz I thought it was lost)
  • A dry cleaners ticket for 2 blazers I totally forgot about!
  • Mouthwash/Floss/Toothpaste…. but no toothbrush in sight.
  • A plastic bag with like 10 wipes in it… (in addition to the full pack of wipes lol)

I tend to carry one bag for a long time, until one day I’m inspired to switch them up either by actually wanting my bag to match my outfit for a an event, or just getting overzealous with my organizing and cleaning one day. So it’s easy for things to pile up.

This post inspired me to actually clean out my bag, though, so that’s nice. It now weighs a lot less, and bonus, Rohan got some cars back that felt like “new” to him! In a few, I’m heading out to pickup my dry cleaning and return something that’s been sitting on my couch now that I’ve found the receipt!

This is what I kept.

Key things that I’ll need over the next couple of months until I go through the bag again:


I consolidated all the loose makeup in the little bag, I put some of the Tampax Pocket Pearls in the closet and just kept a few and a couple pads. Good thing with those is that I can just pop them in my pocket or palm them to run to the bathroom at work instead of having to bring my whole bag. I have to keep my EpiPen for sure so I can stay alive, the umbrella and sunglasses are essential in crazy Florida weather, dental stuff and pens stay and I put all the cards, spare change, coupons and dollar bills into the wallet.

I vow that next time I go to Target (read: my second home) I will throw away my receipt after purchase and not let it clutter up my bag. And now that I know where my kindle is (I was convinced I lost it!) I’ll be reading before bed again! Yay!!

This blog post was a damn good idea! I’m extra grateful for CleverGirls and Tampax today 🙂

How often do you clear out your purse? 

What’s in YOUR bag?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Sunday 19th of July 2015

I try to keep my purse organized, but when you're constantly on the go, it can get a bit messy lol. #BLMGIRLS


Monday 13th of July 2015

My purse is organized however I couldn't tell you the last time I cleaned it out. I know it qualifies as weight training whenever I pick it up lol


Saturday 11th of July 2015

I clear out my purse maybe once a month? I usually try to keep it together when we're traveling or out and about. I don't like to carry too much if I know I'm constantly going to be reaching in there for my camera and wallet. I do need to re-up on some things like wipes and sanitizer.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.