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Money Book and Chat

On Sunday John and I had a really good money talk. He worked out a new budget and we got 100% on the same page with our joint savings, and financial plans for the future.  I realized after the convo that I was nervous to talk to him about it.  Nervous?! To talk to my own husband!  This is super weird because we talk about any and everything with ease, and we’ve had serious money convos in the past.
I guess I felt the need to be cautious with how I worded things so it wouldn’t seem like I was just bulldozing the money chat, and have it sound like “this is the way we’re doing things because this is my way and my way is the best way because I am the all-knowing Dan and I say so.”  
It’s just that:
a) I’m a saver and John’s a spender and I didn’t want to sound judgey about that and
b) I’ve been reading fiftyleven finance books and am excited to put a lot of the tips into practice asap with John.
OH! And speaking of the finance books, a few weeks back I read one of the best money books ever.
Who's Afraid To Be a Millionaire: Mastering Financial and Emotional Success

Who’s Afraid to be a Millionaire? Mastering Financial and Emotional Success

By Kelvin E. Boston
Excellent is all I can say.  It was a broad overview but had specific tips and ideas.  It really spoke to you in a professional yet friendly voice giving you information and instruction and tacked the personal finance issue from the emotional angle, and the actions angle.  
 The book includes:
  • Six timeless and effective wealth-building strategies
  • Proven guidance for long-term financial planning
  • How to wisely use credit as investment capital
  • How to build wealth through home ownership
  • Profitable long-term investment strategies
  • Unbeatable retirement planning and insurance advice
  • How to use human capital to build wealth
  • How to succeed the entrepreneurial way
I borrowed it from the library, and I may borrow it again or just buy it.  Granted it is from 2006, but, the principles are eternal and the way the author makes you think about your relationship with money and ideas about wealth are really worth the purchase.
Have you read this book?  How’d you like it?  Have you ever been nervous to talk to your significant other (and not when you did something shitty and have to confess lol)?  How often do you have money talks with your significant other?

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Monday 20th of December 2010

I SO understand this. We had those 'talks' (read=discussions) lots of times before :)


Saturday 18th of December 2010

Hmm... perhaps I should read this!! My hubby and I have had several money talk lately, and I always get a little nerrvous about them, too. Which is silly!! I may just go check this book out! Thank girl!


Friday 17th of December 2010

We JUST had a talk about money last night. It is hard to talk about it - I was surprised to find that I was nervous too. We're the same - I'm the saver, he's the spender. I'll DEF take a look at this book. Thanks for the heads up.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.