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You Have Got to #BeYourOwnValentine This Year

Do you celebrate ValentiMes day? 

I know everyone gets all rah rah about how it’s just a “commercialized” faux holiday created by greeting card companies, but I don’t care. Any day devoted to love, any reminder to folks to give love, receive love and BE LOVE is a good day to me!

Now, my wonderful husband is the least romantic man on earth, so I’m not expecting flowers or chocolate….or anything, really. But, I’m going to give the kids a little heart-themed gift of some sort. I’m thinking making heart shaped pancakes or playing a game where hershey kisses are the winning prizes. John is getting no gift from me, though I’m considering writing him a love note. Haven’t pulled that one out of my bag of tricks in a while.

I am, however, gifting myself with some “me time” for valentines day. Yes, I’m going to be my own valentine this year, and I suggest you do the same!

The video above is from my boos at KnowYourOTCs. I’m on their blogging crew for the next few months and so excited to share good stuff with you (like this!) for your family’s health n wellness.

So, that said, here are a few ways to #BeYourOwnValentine this year!

  • Take a walk in nature
  • Give yourself a beauty treatment
  • Call someone who makes you laugh a lot
  • Buy all the things (::avoids eye contact::)
  • Meditate and Exercise
  • Binge-watch the most guilty pleasure shows
  • Eat a decadent lunch
  • Get a massage
  • Walk through target with a latte and no kids (#myultimatedream)
  • Make infused water and sip throughout the day
  • Indulge in chocolate covered strawberries and champagne (too cliche? NEVER!)

Here’s what the folks at suggest for healthy ways to #Beyourownvalentine

  • Your Overall Health: Maintain general health and support your immune system with vitamins and dietary supplements. Millions of Americans are at risk for vitamin deficiencies. From people with food allergies, to pregnant women, to healthy adults, to vegetarians and vegans, learn how vitamins and supplements help support overall wellness by following this link.
  • Your Skin: Love the skin you’re in … while warm showers and baths can be a welcoming antidote to long, stressful days, they can also strip the moisture in our skin during the cold winter months. For tips on taking care of dry winter skin, follow this link.
  •  Your Pain Management: If your new exercise routine has your muscles aching, or you come down with a cold or flu, you may be reaching for an OTC pain reliever to ease your symptoms. Be confident you are reaching for the *right* pain reliever to treat your symptoms by following this link to a new, interactive tool on the

Happy ValentiMes Day!!

I was compensated by the CHPA’s Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, to write the post but all opinions are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.