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Our First Non-Traditional Christmas

What are your Christmas plans?

Are you sticking to tradition or trying a non traditional Christmas for this crazy year?

Our normal Christmas plans include a tree trimming party for just the four of us, a bigger Christmas Eve party with all local family at one of my aunt’s houses, a Christmas breakfast gathering at either my mom or one of my aunt’s homes, and then a huge Christmas dinner for all the family in Florida and from afar at another aunt’s house. At some point within Christmas Day we go from house to house delivering and picking up gifts for the kids.

This year we aren’t doing any of that. We are opting out of all of the family Christmas gatherings and we are running away. John row an Kaya and me are going up to a town a few hours north to a condo to spend a quiet Christmas together just the four of us.

I have always thought about going on a trip for the holidays. Usually my fantasies are about taking a Christmas cruise or spending Christmas and New year’s down in the Caribbean somewhere or maybe Mexico.

With 2020 being such a…. different… year, it makes sense that this is the one that we start our Christmas away plan… Even if it’s not anywhere fancy or super fun and cool. I’m looking forward to a quiet retreat with just the four of us. We’ve had so much “just the four of us” time this year thanks to covid, but it’ll feel fresh and new doing it at a different location.

We didn’t get to travel this year as a family and who knows what next year will bring. So we’re going to enjoy our quiet Christmas away this year.
We will start some new traditions that I’ll tell you about it in another post but we’re going to keep one tradition the same: We are definitely decorating our tree at home and decorating the house, and I am bringing some decorations for us to make the condo we will be staying in more festive as well.

I’m low-key worried that it will feel weird doing Christmas away from our extended family and not even in our own home, but honestly Christmases in Florida feel weird in themselves and Christmas has not been the same for me for the last few years so maybe being away is exactly what we need.

Have you traveled away or vacationed during Christmas? 

Would you do it again?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.