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The NEW Aventura Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort

Are you ready to see the new Aventura Hotel?

As a member of Universal Orlando Resort’s Blog Squad, I was invited to the event for the opening of the newest property on the Universal Orlando campus: The Aventura Hotel! I was geeked to see the inside of this place because I saw it in construction during my earlier visits. The building is curvy! I wanted to be inside so bad lol. Got my chance…along with a few other media folks. Now I can “take you inside” too! PS They have another hotel opening up next summer too. It’s called Endless Summer and it sounds amazing.

Anyway, back to Aventura:


The Aventura hotel is 17 stories high and looks (and kind of feels) like a chic South Beach Hotel. The resort opened just last week, so you can book if you like what you see! (spoiler alert: You WILL like what you see.)

Walking into the Aventura Hotel you are hit with a crisp feel. The ceilings are high, the walls are white and bright and there are gentle dividers between each section of the lobby. There are smooth lines, clean open spaces and there is a minimalist chic type of energy. The front of the lobby has kiosks for you to plan out your stay at the resorts. You can look through maps of each park, look up ticket prices and more, right at the kiosk.

Walking further into the lobby there are lounging areas that are kind of sectioned-off from the from the registration desk and people milling about there. Then, toward the back of the ground floor is a dining area called Urban Spoon which is sectioned off into multiple eateries. There is a sushi bar, a burger joint, a roast grill and a pizza place.

I was lucky enough to sample items from the sushi bar as well as the pizza area and The Burger Joint as well as some seafood and chicken paella from the Roast the food was all delicious. There are two grab-and-go refrigerated areas where there will be salad and drinks available for those on the run and not interested in a sit-down meal.

Exiting the eatery you have the two pools. Outdoors were lots of lots of lounging areas and additional tables for dining al fresco. There is also a fire pit for s’mores in the evening.

Near the pools, you also have the Sol bar. The bar has two signature items I tried and enjoyed one was the devil’s umbrella and the other was a frozen mule. I recommend those to anyone stopping by the Sol. While there is no outdoor grill/restaurant, you are able to take your items from the Urban Spoon the few steps outdoors to enjoy in the sun or shade around the pool. There is a splash pad with spray fountans in between the two pools as well.

If you watched my insta stories, you saw a quick little peek and there are now videos up on my IG TV. It’s a video walk-through of one of the rooms if you’re interested. Below I will share photos of two different types of rooms.

The Aventura Hotel has very high tech elevators to get you from the first floor lobby and eateries up to your room. Oh, and when you arrive at your floor you will see a very cool design on the carpet, also on the hallway walls. Please tell me what it reminds you of… The rooms at Aventura are so cool. Here are a bunch of photos that I was able to capture at the media preview I hope you enjoy.

The first is a standard room the price point here is quite low as the Aventura Hotel is another Prime Value property similar to Cabana Bay Resort (which is just next door). Each room in the Aventura Hotel is equipped with iPads with a large amount of functionality. From this iPad you can control the following: room temperature, lights (on/off, color and brightness/dimness).

You can order room service if you’re hungry in the middle of the night. You can order extra towels or if you forget your toothpaste you can order that on the iPad as well. The TVs in each room are controlled from the device as well. You can check out from the iPad if you just want to check out and hit the road. No standing in line with this handy device! No talking to humans. Yay for introverts! 🙂

One part of the rooms that I really loved was that it was very minimalist without feeling sparse or boring. You have floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall windows in every room and you also have an excellent view in each room as well. The rooms shown in this post are the standard and the family suite. My favorite part about the family suite is that there are separate areas especially for kids and parents and each section can control their own temperature, lights, television and ordering.


The family suite also has two showers (one with a tub) and a separate water closet and a double vanity. Every family knows how valuable that space is. Some of the standard rooms are special because the two beds are not next to each other. The Aventura has a funky curved shape which means many of the rooms have a funky curved shape as well. You have one bed to the right and one bed to the left when you walk through the main entryway of the standard rooms.

The vibe inside the rooms I would describe as minimalist chic, high-tech and modern with a bit of a Latin, Miami-ish contemporary feel. Families, couples, and friends will love staying at the Aventura Hotel because the price point is great and it is comfortable, with great service and all you need right on site on the Universal Orlando resort campus. You can walk right over to volcano Bay or shuttle directly over to Universal Studios or Island of Adventures or CityWalk. (You can also walk to CityWalk…it’s about 20 minutes. In the blazing hot Florida sun. Just take a shuttlebus for the love of God.) So once you arrive and park you don’t have to hit your car again or Uber all over town.

On the top floor of the beautiful Aventura hotel is bar 17 and Bistro let me tell you one thing. Whether or not you choose to stay at Aventura Hotel you must, I repeat, you must visit this rooftop bar and lounge and when you do you must take in the 360 degree view of downtown Orlando.

There is a lot of seating, service is quick, and you have the most gorgeous view.

And you must I repeat you must order a cocktail and one of the eight varieties of bao bun sandwiches. You will love them. I only tried the grouper and the pork belly however there are lamb and other options as well. You won’t regret it.

OK, that’s all I got. I can’t wait to go back to Aventura to stay a few nights.

When is YOUR next trip to Universal?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.