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Your New Year Vision Board Must-Haves

Hey friends! I’ve shared with you already how my vision board home is now the home I’m living in. And you have tips on how to make your vision board really work for you HERE. But…. I just finished editing a podcast episode with Bernetta Knighten of Bernetta Style and the Knighten Project and we discussed how her vision board manifested like magic. (Episode goes live HERE on Sat 12/11/21)

That interview inspired me to put together this list for you. So you can get crackin’ on your vision boarding and/or gift some inspirational vision board stuff to your loved ones. If you are a social butterfly you can use these items to host your own vision board party, whether in person or virtual. All links are to amazon and are affiliate codes for the Knighten Project non-profit on Amazon Smile, so when you purchase, you do a lil good as well!

(PS: Go change your non-profit to The Knighten Project so that whenever you shop you automagically give to a non-profit without spending an extra dime!)

OK So here are a few of the Vision Board items I think would be great for your 2022 vision boards.

Remember! You can make vision boards for the year, or month, or multiple boards for various areas of your life. You can also make them with your family and teach your kids to make them too! It’s fun and inspiring for everyone!

All in one kits:

Whether you are crafty, artsy and creative or not, these kits allow you to do as much or as little customization as you want. I like that all-in-one aspect of these because I am NOT crafty and I like things to be easy. These would make great gifts, too.

Vision Board Kit for Women – Complete Deluxe Dream & Mood Board Supplies

MAGNIFICENT 101 Vision Board Kit

Cartiller – Vision Board Kit

I love that this one is a cloud theme! It feels dreamy, and personally I’ve always been told that I have my head in the clouds, so its a good fit.

Vision Board Kit & Goal Board with Vision Board Supplies

Vision Board Kit, Dream Boards with Motivational Stickers

LOVE|EVERYDAY Vision Board Kit

For the DIYer:

For all you fancy pants arty folks, these items may be good for you. You can create your vision board from scratch and add affirmations, stickers, your own photos, and whatever the heck kinda embellishments you want!

Dry Erase Cork Board Combo Set

Vision Board Kit | 100 Dream&Mood Board Supplies Cards

Inspirational & Motivational Mini Color Note Cards

VITOLER Dual Tip Brush Markers

Colored Paper

Books to Support You:

I’m a personal development and law of attraction book junkie. Seriously, if you need book reccs, please ask. I’ve got TONS! For visioning and vision board creation, the books below will be a great help

First book on this vision board support list is mine~

Lifestyle Redesign Workbook

OK This one isn’t on amazon. This is MY Lifestyle Redesign Workbook that you can grab HERE for just $33! It’s a guide to use all year that helps you clarify your vision, set goals, and plan so you actually take action! You can’t manifest your dream life without action, baby!!

Free Period Press Vision Board Book

Manifest Journal – My Dream Year

Creative Visualization:

This book is less about vision boarding and more about creating your life vision and manifesting things into your life via creative visualization. It is an incredible resource and literally changed my life. I love Shakti Gawain’s simple, gentle way of explaining everything. This book is a game changer.

Do you make vision boards?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.