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Two Working Parents Raising a Healthy Family

Run Kaya Run

Working full time all week, I feel like I have to make the evenings and weekend really “full” for the kids. In between the “business” that must be done like bathtimes, cooking, preparing for the next day and eating dinner, I try to fit in a lot of together time. (well, as much as we can.)

I used to feel guilty about wanting to squish so much into the nights and weekends we have with the children, but now I’m over it. I multitask together time and fitness time. I want the kids to stay active, and I want to be active with them so they follow my lead as they grow up. John and I are working on our health/fitness and we’re both glad that Ro and Kai see us going for our runs, or doing my fitness DVDs and eating healthy.

Here’s how we’re staying health-focused in the time we have at home.

Pool Time

On the weekends before naps, the kids go in their little kiddie pool, I do squats and burpees nearby.  OK…full disclosure, I do go in the pool sometimes (and so does John’s big self!) I’m close enough to engage and watch all the “mommy look at me” tricks, but also far enough away not to get splashed while I’m  holding my plank.

Toddlers in kiddie pool

Yard Time

Although I think Ro doesn’t exactly understand what being “it” is, when we play tag… running around the yard squealing and laughing (and calling it “tag”) is probably the most common activity we do. I should put a pedometer on this kid, he probably takes 1,500,000 steps a day. As a family we go in the yard, and run around, or John and I will work out while Rohan goes on his swingset (namely climbing up the slide and sliding down 4,000 times) while Kai watches.

Biking, Walking & Running

Roey got a new bike, so now our evening routine may change a bit.

We go for a “family walk” a bunch. Length and style depend on our energy level and mood, but we either all walk (meaning it’s short and slow) or John and I walk/jog and alternate pushing the kids in the awesome double stroller or pulling them in the wagon for a few miles. Now with Roey practicing on his bike like a big boy, we’ll probably work that in to our mileage.

Toddler on bike

Lots of Water

I love that we raised Roey to not be a juice and soda kid. Kaya too. (PS: she says “wata” now!) They ask for water or milk, and it warms my heart. I offer water all the time and happily they both accept. Rohan asks for water most times. It’s rare but sometimes he’ll ask for juice and I’ll oblige (but I water it down a lil anyway..#meanmommy)

Fruits & Veggies

I’m the major veggie eater in the house. John’s trying to up his green intake. (He’s a meatatarian!) Kaya and Rohan will eat any fruit you put in front of them. Kaya downs any veggie but Ro will eat veggies based on his mood. Some days he’s all “I LOVE broccoli SO much mommy!” and other days “I don’t like any of these green things mommy.” So, I never know what I’m going to get. For the most part they eat well, and I know they’re getting their vitamins and keeping things flowing smoothly.. if you catch what I’m throwing…

You girls know I’m not shy. I told you before my belly betrays me. I tried upping my fruit & veggie intake, certain yogurts, natural cures, shakes. And most worked for a short time. My shakes definitely worked long term, but I recently stopped drinking them to test something out. (I told you why, here.)

The universe knew I needed something to keep my belly acting right while I was experimenting without my shakes so it sent me this opportunity to try Align.


Align is a probiotic you take daily and is supposed to “maintain your digestive system’s natural balance” which made me very nervous because my digestive system’s natural balance is shitty. Pun intended.

Lucky me, this stuff kept my belly acting right!! I had no crazy gas issues (had that w/ some probiotics in the past) and everything kept…ahem….flowing smoothly. I also tend to just get a little bit of an upset stomach after eating. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, and this cut that out almost immediately. My coworker even noticed I haven’t complained about the foot in the caf upsetting my belly in a couple weeks. I’m sticking with this even after I get back to my shakes! So far no negatives except that it’s a pill, and I’m a space cadet that really has to make an effort to remember to take pills. (I programmed a reminder into my phone.)

If you’re a Target junkie like I am, then (A) you better be using the Cartwheel app! and (B) You can get 15% off on Align there!

 Have you tried probiotics?

How’d they work for you?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.