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It Is Up To Us To Protect Our Kids

In my family there’s a story my aunts and mom love to re-tell (and re-tell and re-tell) about when I just turned 3 and was being sassy with my aunt and told her “You do what you have to do, and let me do what I want to do. OK?” And walked away. She thought it was hysterical and rude, but it was a very telling moment. I just didn’t like rules then, and I kinda don’t like em now. (Sadly, both of my kids are seeming to have the same disdain for rules….so yeah….I’m screwed.)

However, as a grown up, I now realize we need some rules and regulations for our safety and well-being.  Starting top down, we trust our government to protect us in many ways via those rules and regulations. No matter how “down with the man!” or anti-government we (think we) are, we accept and expect a certain level of being “protected” by our government. Amirite?

OK. I hope you’re sitting down.

So right now, in 2017, on planet earth, there is legislation moving in Congress that will put our health, and the health and safety of our children in serious danger. (from what we eat, drink, breathe, buy…etc)

One is the Regulatory Accountability Act and the other is the REINS Act.

Never heard of em? Yeah, me neither until now, LOL. But it legit enraged me.

Basically, these acts will make it harder for commonsense safety laws to be put in place. Example: “The REINS Act would require Congressional approval of rules, effectively giving either branch of Congress, or powerful lobbying groups, a “pocket veto” on safeguards.”

In other words, these guys are going to be dicking around with safety regulations and rules currently in place, and new ones that would help keep us and our children safe. I’m talking things like ensuring schools aren’t asbestos-filled, and the toys we buy for birthdays (or behavior bribes) aren’t little cancer-causers! Why these Acts are even a thing, is beyond me. That’s so effed up!!

I mean…it’s pretty good knowing that the halloween candy my kids are still binging on, is not riddled with chemicals that will make them get some crazy condition. Not sure why anyone anywhere would want to be able to “reform” laws that keep us in the know about chemicals in our everyday foods and products.

This encompasses food safety, air quality, product safety and car safety. Pretty much everything moms care about with regard to their kids. Hell, I moved from Manhattan to south Florida in an attempt to have a safer, “cleaner,” life for my kids. I don’t wanna let these crazy Acts negate that.

You can learn lots more at

I don’t know where you lie politically, I lie so far left you can’t even see me over there, but please know this is not a politics issue. (despite me throwing around words like legislation, act, and congress hahah) Seriously, It’s a family health and children safety issue. We can’t put our children at risk.

Here’s what we can do. And it literally takes just one minute….

Take action against the RAA & REINS Act by emailing members of Congress via the click-to-email tool on 

I partnered with Clean Air Moms Action on this post. And I’m so glad I did. We need to take a stand against this. Thoughts, opinions and any cussin’ I did is all my own.

You can reach out to Clean Air Moms Action here:


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Monday 27th of November 2017

Thanks for getting the word out about this. xx

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.