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Found: A Good Night’s Sleep!

You never realize how great sleeping in your own bed is, until you’ve been away from home for a few nights in a row. The past week I’ve slept in 3 different beds, and now I’m back home and grateful to be snuggling in my own bed tonight.

My sleep in general is pretty crappy. I’ve told you guys before. It’s rough. But I’m working on it. We figured a new bed would be a good help. Our bed was 6 years old and starting to lose it’s structure.

So, a month or so ago we traded in our temperpedic for a Nectar mattress. This was more of a win than I expected. The brand gives a forever warantee. FOREVER, yall. (read: that’s a long time!) We set up the bed in just about 5 minutes and it fluffed up like magic! (you can see the video of that HERE or click below to watch it in fast forward in one minute lol)

I was surprised to find two pillows snuck rolled up inside too! #win

I have never received a mattress in the mail before, and I had never laid down and tested a Nectar mattress before it arrived at my front door. I was so nervous. We kept our old mattress up against the wall for a few days just in case I didn’t like the new one. Shortly thereafter it became an indoor trampoline, fort floor, and ultimately a coloring pad for the kids. Luckily, the Nectar bed was so comfy, I had John haul the bed out before the kids started migrating their entire bedroom contents over to it.

I love how the Nectar combines a firmish base, with a soft, comfy top, kinda like a pillow top, but not so sinky. I feel supported at every point of my body that touches the mattress, but I never feel stiff or like my body is falling in too much. It’s just right. (Goldilocks style!)

The pillows are not for me. I can use them as a back support when I’m sitting up in bed writing on my computer. For that, they’re perfect because they are big, thick and on the firmer side. John loves them for sleeping. He uses one for his head and the other for his legs. So that worked out perfectly. He’s got em all night, and I’ve got em all day while I work.

Outside of the support-related comfort, I dig that the Nectar mattress is also very comfortable temperature-wise. John is always hot n sweaty. I am always cold and shivering. We both do well on this mattress. I guess it’s breathable or something because John’s not complaining or turning the air down to negative a million degrees celcius.

Extra bonus. I don’t feel it as much when the kids slide their sleep-hijacking lil bodies up in between John and I in the middle of the night! I woke up one morning shocked when I turned and saw Kaya there….peacefully sleeping with one arm holding her stuffed bunny and all other limbs somehow planted on John’s face. Ha! (Better him than me.)

This mattress is one of the steps I’ve taken toward having much better sleep. I’m grateful that I love it so much, and that I’m actually sleeping through the entire night again at least a few times a week. This is a BIG deal for me. Check out Nectar at

How’s Your Sleep?

Thank you to Nectar for sponsoring this post, and my sleep! As usual the thoughts above are all me.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.