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SOL REPUBLIC Deck Review and Giveaway!


I’m back from my crazy BlogHer weekend, and I will get more pics and info up on that soon, however we have some important biz today. First. Go enter the Paypal Cash Giveaway, a winner will be picked in a couple days!

Second, I have another giveaway for ya!!!

I know you know SOL REPUBLIC‘s blue tooth speaker, DECK.

You’ve seen their commercial I’m sure:

Well, I had the opportunity to use this deck and I LOVE it. So did my brother Gar, because he stole it and now has it down in Florida and told me he takes it to the beach all the time. #jealous.

So it’s a speaker that connects to your phone/tablet/computer via bluetooth, and it has this cool thing called “heist mode” where multiple devices can be connected at once, and you can ‘hijack’ the deck and play your music…(just like in the commercial above)

I’m usually not the most technologically up to date, I mean you know I had my old phone for a billion years before I upgraded to my galaxy. This lil gadget though…I kinda love it.


So, last year at Blogher I won a speaker similar to the SOL REPUBLIC Deck. Let me just say, all bluetooth speakers are not created equal. My speaker skips and auto-disconnects from my phone/computer, unless it’s plugged in! (Kinda missing the point of the bluetooth capability.)

The Deck never skips, always connects immediately, and has more features (including the heist mode) plus it’s sleeker looking. It comes in a billion colors to appease everyone’s taste, but I was given the black on black version, and it’s perfect. If I wanted to keep it out at all times just to have a speaker in the kitchen while I cook, it would just blend in.


While we were in Florida we had pool parties often. This little deck put in some work. It is small but super loud. Gar also used it when he was watching netflix on his tablet. He would have his tablet in front of him, and the deck behind his head on the back of the couch so he could get music that was “surround sound”esque. LOL

I would recommend this for families that are outdoors often, beachgoers, teens of course, and gadget lovers.

You can buy it at your local Radio Shack ($199) or you can win it below!



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Amanda Fuscone

Monday 4th of August 2014

I would like to have the tokidoki Tracks HD Headphones

Richard Hicks

Monday 4th of August 2014

I would like to have their MASTER TRACKS XC in black


Monday 4th of August 2014

I'd really like to have the Sol Republic Tracks Air wireless headphones.

Denise Donaldson

Monday 4th of August 2014

I would love the Master Tracks XC headphones

Dara Nix

Monday 4th of August 2014

Another item I would love to have is the A2 TRACKS AIR WIRELESS headphones!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.