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How to Create a Cozy Minimalist Work Space

Have you embraced a cozy minimalist lifestyle? (I talked about it here, and here, and here) If you are interested in taking cozy minimalism to work and creating a cozy minimalist work space check out these simple tips.

I am in the process of clearing out my office. It turned into a catch-all room, I cleared it out, and it turned right back into it again! I am now intentionally clearing it out on a physical and energetic level to create a cozy minimalist work space that feel good.

Here are a few tips for those interested in creating a cozy minimalist office or workspace:

Assess your day and what you really use

In most professions, we do most of the same activities each day over and over without much variation, so take a look at what you actually do each day and what you honestly use repeatedly. Set those things aside and then assess what you use periodically, weekly, monthly and annually. Everything else can be moved to where it makes sense in the house or gifted to someone else who will use it. And the annual items can be stored out of sight.

Take everything off  your desk

Clear your desk to clear your mind. Removing everything from your desk and making sure it has a nice neat home elsewhere will keep your space looking neater and energetically keep your mind less scattered. Plus it’ll fit the cozy minimalist aesthetic. As long as you know where everything is housed, having a nice clear desk is a great bonus. The items you use multiple times a day can stay visible if you wish.

Scan in papers and files

Paperless offices are becoming more common these days so take your papers and files and scan them in and save them digitally. If there are certain legal documents that you need hard copies of, keep them in a file as long as required. For everything that can be scanned in, do so and then recycle those papers. Don’t forget to shred anything sensitive before recycling. One of these can help with this stage.

Archive/backup and remove files for less clutter

With all those files now in digital format, go through and really pare your digital life down. Archive what you don’t need, backup what isn’t currently useful and organize those files in a way that makes sense for you. This makes less clutter for your desktop or laptop and less mental energy spent finding things.

So, everything mentioned above is to clear and clean up the space. Clean out any junk and anything that is clearly trash, just guiltlessly remove it. Wipe down all surfaces and clear out things that are just obvious clutter.

The next part is all about making the space COZY and not just minimalist.

Add new items in one at a time

Once you have cleared everything away it’s time to make the space beautiful and comfortable for you. Remember cozy minimalism doesn’t mean stark and empty unless that’s what you like.

Add only one decorative item into the space at a time and see how it feels to live with before adding another piece. We don’t want to go and clutter up the space we just cleared out!

  • Plants
  • Throw pillow
  • Bright Rug
  • Vase of Flowers
  • Wall art
  • Statue or other art piece

These tips work at the office or in your home workspace. Let me know how the transformation goes (and feels) for you!

Are you into the cozy minimalist lifestyle?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.