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Saving for College on 529 Day!

Huge thanks to the Florida Prepaid College Board and Bloggin’ Mamas for including me in this sponsored post series!

Kaya, Is your college education going to cost mommy a billion dollars??


You know… I struggle with imposter syndrome a bit. I am very interested in personal finance (saving, budgeting, side hustling, investing)  but only post a little bit about it here because I’m not a “pro.” I was actually a bit nervous about how my tips for househunting would be received. So I’m glad to get the positive feedback from you guys. Thanks!!

So, when I purchased my home I started 529s for Kaya and Rohan. I figured, I’m doing a whole mess of financial stuff right now, might as well knock this one off the to do list at the same time.

I am (almost) prouder of their education accounts than I am of the house.

With the amount I’m putting aside each month, I’ll have a nice little chunk for them in 18 years. Now, since they’re both getting full rides to Harvard, I’ll still be able to use it on their books, and graduate education at Princeton. 😉 Hopefully there will be some left for Kaya’s PhD and Rohan’s MD education.

So I say all that to say…..Today’s National 529 Day! Florida Prepaid College Board wants you to start saving for you children’s education, whether you’re a Florida resident or not. (You don’t have to be to participate in Florida’s 529 program.)  

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Sidebar: I urge you to be sure you’re contributing to your retirement account first #Imjustsaying.  I worked to put myself through college, your kids can do the same, push come to shove. Give em the gift of not having to take care of you later…. BUT…. give them the gift of a fully or partially funded education as well!!

I’m really excited to spring the 529 on Rohan and Kaya after they’ve been accepted to college. I am going to keep up the ruse of “I worked to put myself through college and so will you” both as a scare tactic for them to get great grades throughout high school in hopes of a scholarship, and also to get them in the working (for themselves or others) mindset. Then SURPRIIIISE!!! You’re all taken care of. You’re welcome!

Rohan, are you surprised?!


That will be a really satisfying moment.

The money you invest in the 529 can go toward tuition of course, but also to books, room & board, and grad school. If your child gets a free ride, you can switch that money over to another family member, or get your money returned to you!

You can even have family members or friends contribute to the account in lieu of giving cash as gifts to your kids.

THIS LINK has tons of info and FAQs about the program.

I URGE you to begin contributing today. Don’t feel overwhelmed or like you need a whole gang of money to begin this investment. With the Florida Prepaid College Board’s 529 program, you can start with $25 a month. (Now, I KNOW you can swing that!)

Do you have college savings in place for your kids?

This post was sponsored by Florida Prepaid College Board and facilitated by Bloggin Mamas. You already know everything you just read is real talk, straight from Dani. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.