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Random Thoughts on Thursday

thoughts on thursday


We changed Roey’s school from where he was to a school that immediately seems a thousand times better. His teacher loves him up, and the other students are so warm and cute and well behaved. The school has way more rules and is stricter than the shitshow place we had him in before. I’m so grateful we found it! He likes it and wakes up saying, “i’m going to my NEW school” instead of “I’m staying home and mommy’s staying home ok?” (on a loop, mind you) So much less heartbreaking now!


I miss coaching. I have been in the set up mode for so many other projects, and I have not done any life coaching, or run a challenge group in ages. So I’m starting one for May 11th. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow…I just am quite excited! I have been doing a tiny bit of 1:1 coaching online with my beachbody clients but I am ready to relaunch my coaching biz. Time to hang my shingle once again!


Oh my gosh. B-School, I’m going to have to do a full post on this, or maybe a video, but damned if that program didn’t do a number on me. I’m of two minds about the program, but I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about building their business, and can spare two Gs. I’m getting a lot out of it, and I haven’t even utilized all of it, and totally avoided the FB group, which is where a lot of value is as well. If you’re considering for next year, do not hesitate to ask me anything about it.


We were going to take a mini trip this weekend for John’s birthday, but decided to make it a staycation instead, leaving the kids with my family so we can….drumroll please…. Paint the house!! Yeah…it’s gunna be a rager.  I couldn’t decide between these paints above so I’m gunna just use em all 🙂 Which do you like?


With no mini-trip, I’m now in vacay mode. I have NYC in July, and Michigan in August, but May and June are barren. Plus we still haven’t decided on our October anniversary trip. We go back and forth… Hey…. help us decide:

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What’s on your mind this Thoughtful Thursday?


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Danielle S

Thursday 23rd of April 2015

There's so much on my mind right now, but yea I voted for yall fav vacation spot.

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