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5 Reasons You Must Watch American Housewife #ABCTVEvent


American Housewife is my new favorite comedy show! Last month at the Queen of Katwe Event I got to visit the sets of a few ABC TV shows as well. This new show is one of them. I know you’re going to love American Housewife (if you didn’t see it already last week when it premiered) and here’s why:

1. The American Housewife Cast!

The cast of American Housewife is AMAZING. Katy Mixon (you know her from Eastbound and Down) plays Katie Otto, and is hysterical as usual. She plays off very well with her on-screen nemisis Leslie Bibb who is hysterical on camera and in real life as well.

Rounding out the cast is her husband played by Diedrich Bader who you know from The Drew Carey Show, Carly Hughes of Broadway fame, and Ali Wong who are Katy’s best friends on the show…. and my best friends in my head:

They were ALL amazing to meet and it was wonderful seeing them all interact and be all chill with each other off set. Their chemistry and friendships off screen is what helps the hilarity ensue on-screen.

2. The American Housewife is Real

Every mom has been Katie Otto at some point in their life. There’s so much to resonate with on this show. Katie is the “second fattest housewife” in town and gives the sturdiest side-eyes to all the size 0 chicks in town, wearing two fit bits and what not. She’s got a husband that she loves to bits but sometimes has to keep in check. She’s got 3 kids which means too much drama to deal with in one day. A teenage girl which is a job in itself, a son who’s got…quite an interesting view on life…and a tiny tot with special needs. Her friends offer some color to the show (literally and figuratively) because they’re Black and Asian…and gay. So we’ve got something for everyone here folks. But it’s so real life. Her mom moments are legit and funny because you’ll see yourself in them.

3. The American Housewife has Girl Power

Katy Mixon is the star of the show, the main character and everything revolves around her.  Hubby plays second fiddle. I love that we have a strong female lead with mom and housewife as her title vs lawyer/doctor etc. As an American Housewife myself, I’m glad seeing it take a starring role. Additionally, it’s not all perfect and stepford wifeish. She’s imperfect, she’s flawed and proud of who she is despite it. She’s definitely not PC – Even saying which of her 3 kids is her favorite….in her head tho! LOL.

4. The American Housewife is Funny

I mean…I couldn’t recommend a show that wasn’t funny. This show (along with The Real O’Neals) had me giggling out loud as I watched. We got to see a few advance episodes and they just get funnier and funnier as they go along. There’s always something to relate to, and laugh about. Katy’s inner monologue will have you rolling.

5. The American Housewife’s Lineup

American Housewife comes on Tuesdays at 8:30pm eastern. This is clutch. It’s in a funny prime-time lineup. Starting at 8 with The Middle, American Housewife next, then at  9:00pm is Fresh Off the Boat and 9:30 is The Real O’Neals. You can plop down on the couch and watch and laugh straight through.

Enjoy ABC’s American Housewife!


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Wednesday 19th of October 2016

I'm really enjoying the ABC lineups lately. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch American Housewife as yet, but I've been meaning to. Hopefully, I can catch it on demand.

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