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Repeat after me: “I’m Enough!”


So best booth at BlogHer’s exhibit hall by far was the booth for The Mrs. Band.

Giiiiiiiirls, I was all up under over around and through my feelings after visiting.

The booth was a mirror set up, with headphones for you to listen to something as you look at yourself in the mirror.

I didn’t notice the small box of kleenex at the bottom of the mirror until later.

The people who went before me were smiling, high fiving and talking to the mirror, crying…


I was like waaaait a minute…what are you all up to?

I legit thought we were gunna hear The Mrs.’ song while we looked at ourselves!

But nooooo….


(spoiler alert)

You look at your reflection and the sweetest voice comes on and just loves on you for a few minutes. It’s beautiful.

And not just in the pat ways we love on ourselves, and have others do it. It was some deep soul-squeezing love.

The voice started with things like “oh I like your hair” and “nice pants” to “you’re an amazing mother” and “you juggle everything so well, give yourself some credit.” and other really touching sentiments digging at the core of the self doubt that was hanging out down in my guts.

I was like…wtf…hold up…do I know you?! You readin’ my blog? what’s goin on here?!?

So of course the waterworks start. And I’m thanking the mirror….

And the mirror said something like “Don’t thank me, this is you. You know all this already. You have to tell yourself. Thank yourself.”

It was really powerful for me.

As a coach I’m in the business of cheerleading, making people remember that they’re the shit, loving on and supporting others. I love to do it. In this mirror, and at a few other key times during the BlogHer weekend, (like the breakdown I had when I realized I hadn’t had a professional mani pedi in years!) I was reminded that the most important person I need to be loving on is me.

I know I’m hard on myself (I blame caribbean mothering – i kid..kinda) and I too often let myself get sucked into the awful human habit of magnifying what’s going wrong versus the millions of things I’m doing oh so very right.

We all have to remember that.  We are enough (more than) and we should tell ourselves often…and with feeling. Girls, please love and be gentle with yourself. I needed the reminder, so I’m guessing you need one too. (HUG)

So I get back to my room after the mirror visit and damned if The Mrs. didn’t gimme one quick extra lovey.


So I took a few from the booth and put on my mirror at home 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

I was happy to “discover” The Mrs band at BlogHer, and see them perform.


(Do they remind you of Jem? And can we talk about the keyboard guitar!!!)

Here’s their song if you haven’t heard it yet. Listen to the words and LOVE IT:

Have a great weekend, and remember you’re the shit and MORE than enough! xoxo



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