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WAHM Wednesday: Inspiring Entrepremom – Danielle of Hook Smart



Age: 30

Location: Georgia
#of Kids: 1

What do you do for a living?

I teach freshman composition/literature courses at both a local university and an online university. In addition, I recently opened an etsy store called, Hook Smart. I consider it crochet for the modern nerd, so I like to make things that people don’t think of when it comes to crochet.

What is your business’ name and link?

How did you choose your business?

My business sort of chose me. I started crocheting again, as a means of relaxation when I was incredibly stressed while studying for my doctoral exams. Well that quickly turned into friends requesting items and suggesting I start my own Etsy store.

Please give us a quick snapshot of an average day in your life:

On a good day, I get up about an hour or two before [my son], to try to work on teaching things (responding to emails, lesson plans, grading, etc). My son wakes me up usually no later than 9 am, and I spend some time cuddling and playing with him after he eats breakfast and before his afternoon nap.
Now that he’s older, I do activities with him to help stimulate learning, but nothing too structured. I make him lunch and then put him down for his afternoon nap. I then try to get in my 25 minute workout and a shower before making my husband lunch (he comes home for lunch most days). If there’s time I try to start a crochet project or order for the day.
I usually have to take a break to start dinner, unless it’s a crockpot meal that I started that morning.  In the evening, I have dinner with the family and if I have an order to send out soon I work on that while our son has daddy time. If not, I browse Ravelry, Pinterest, and Etsy for new ideas.
I usually stay up a couple hours after the guys to get work done either orders, teaching, or writing since I work better at night.

Please show us your work area?

My official work area is our guest room/office, but I spend a lot of time crocheting in the living room, so I can watch tv with the guys and not be in my room away from them.

What are the pros of being an entrepremom?

The biggest pro is being able to stay at home with my son. I also like the fact that I can make my own hours and work in my pajamas.

What are the cons of being an entrepremom?

Balancing the amount of work I get done while still being a present parent. Struggling to do my own marketing and build my brand.

How do you balance your business and home life?

I try to always put my family first, but it helps to have a supportive partner. He understands that sometimes household chores won’t happen that day.

What do you do for me time?

  • I sleep in on the weekends.
  • Stay up late after the guys are sleep, in order to unwind alone.
  • Give myself a manicure.
  • Oh and curl up with a good book.

What 3 things are essential for your success as a WAHM?

  1. Supportive partner
  2. Passion for my work
  3. Knowing when to take a break

What do you wish you knew before you started your entrepremom journey?

I wish I had known more about the importance of branding and building partnerships from the very beginning.

What are your best tips for other WAHMS?

  • Choose something you love to do because even when you work for yourself if you’re not passionate about it you will hate your job.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask others who are successful for advice and networking is important.
  • Don’t just share your work with your customers let them into your life as well. I often post about things from my daily life or even television shows I enjoy, and those posts get lots of responses.

What are the best resources you’ve found for business/life or both?

Hmm… there are so many resources on the internet. If you’re into crafting, there are tons of forums and websites dedicated to them. I’ve found ideas and help on Pinterest, Raverly, and the crafting communities on Facebook. I also utilize the opinions of my friends and family. I know they’ll be honest with me and let me know what I need to improve.

What’s next for you?

I’m really working on moving from custom order only to a shop that carries ready to ship items and does custom by request. I’m also researching ways to get into wholesale, so that my items are featured in local boutiques.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m always open for new ideas, so if there’s something that you see and you want it recreated I’ll try my hardest to make it happen.
I also have some new ready-to-ship items added up on the site just this week.


You can find Hook Smart on:






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K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

Wednesday 11th of December 2013

She so right about not being afraid to reach out for help. There are definitely people out there willing to mentor you.

Dani Faust

Thursday 12th of December 2013

Very true. I still have a little bit of a problem reaching out, but once I do I feel better for it.

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