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How to Make November Your Fittest Month Yet! #NaPuPlaMo

Trust me. The year’s not over yet. You can get a jumpstart on your new year resolutions and make November your fittest month yet by trying out this 30 day challenge: Napuplamo. Stay with me…

make november your fittest month

Have you heard about NaPuPlaMo? (nah-poo-play-moe)
I know you haven’t, cuz I just made it up.

NaPuPlaMo stands for National Push Play Month!

It’s 30 days of committing to fitness via daily exercise from the comfort of your own home.

The parameters are wide. The rules are few. Just push play on any workout for 30 days.

You can follow along with a yoga workout on youtube, use an old workout dvd that’s been collecting dust, just take a walk around your neighborhood, or do one of the many 30-day workouts you can find on pinterest.
It doesn’t matter!

What matters is that you push play on your exercise, daily.

Okay friends?
Let’s make this a thing! You’ve heard of nablopomo and nanowrimo… but those are two initiatives that keep you hunched over at your computer screen. I’m proposing something new and active that won’t be too stressful.

January is right around the corner and it is the month where everyone re-starts their health and fitness routines, after making resolutions to lose weight and get fit. There is no reason not to make November your fittest month.

I’m down with resolutions. If we treat them as goals and work steadily toward them, we can make major change. However, most people don’t do this, and by February (or…mid-January) the resolution is by the wayside and many don’t try again until the following year.

I’ve mentioned before that there is no need to wait until the new year to start your health and fitness goals/plans. You can start right now. Like this very minute! (well, finish reading this blog post first though…and then share it with your friends…and then you can start.)

NaPuPlaMo is an initiative to start making healthier choices right at home. No gym membership is necessary. No big financial commitment. No crazy equipment needed. You just need YOU. …and maybe internet I guess, which you totally have because you’re reading a blog post right now.

Here are some places to find workouts that you can Push Play on:

Hip Shake Fitness – wide variety of dance workouts from twerkin’ to african dance, to hip hop and pop (and multi-culti instructors!)

Jillian Michaels App – (7 day free trial) personalized workouts and meal plans too

YogaDownload – TONS of yoga classes of all styles, intensities, lengths

Grokker – Fitness and Yoga workout videos, they have meditations too! (14 day free trial!)

Hoopnotica – hula hoop fitness workouts (you can burn like 400 cals/hour)

Fight Camp – super effective boxing workouts (30 days free trial)

Blogilates – pilates workouts for days

FitnessBlender – many workouts of different styles, lengths, searchable by body part

If you’d like a printable 30 day workout plan to follow, I have several available on my pinterest board:

30 Day Fitness Challenges

(If you know of any good ones, please let me know)

What will YOU do to make November your fittest month for #Napuplamo?

Happy November, friends!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.