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Interracial Marriage: Reactions of Strangers – John’s Response


Here’s what John had to say about yesterday’s Interracial Marriage blog post.

When they say women have better memories they are right.  Guys just let stuff go.  Or…maybe have bad memory=)

The times Danielle remembered about our encounters with people who felt the need to go beyond staring were not

in my immediate memory.  After hearing them it helped jog it though.  And I will even admit to egging on the black isrealite

on the train.  He said something which I could have let slide but I guess in the days of higher testosterone I wanted to

give him a what fer.  Its been years since I remember something like that happening but we also avoid high traffic areas like subways and midtown manhattan during and around rush hour.  NYC is a progressive city but there are over 8 million people here so one is bound to bump into a nut every now and again.

To my knowledge I dont remember anyone ever not assuming we were not together.  I think its pretty obvious.

People do say things in public but its rare and usually not offensive.  The worst by far that i remember was the black isrealite.

As far as people’s reactions Im a friendly guy.  I would usually answer any questions people would have.

[Editors Note: Now that I think about it, John DID egg that guy on the train on! They were going back and forth and that poor guy was getting SOO mad. If he were a cartoon steam would’ve been coming out of his ears.]

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Friday 1st of March 2013

I know what you mean about the black Israelites--we also had an encounter. Those guys are just looking for attention. I don't like to have disagreements in the street, but when that guy was trying to say our marriage was uneven yolk, I ripped him a new one.


Thursday 28th of February 2013

Like you said in your last post, I think people are looking at you guys because you really are a good looking couple!

I've never dated interracially seriously, but the last date I went on was with a white guy and the stares were kind of scary.. they were mostly from black men. I live in Arkansas so I expected some stares but one guy was very insulting towards me when my date walked off to grab us a few drinks, he made some very sexually offensive comments but walked off as soon as my dude came back.. It was really awful. The guy was a gentleman and I would still be dealing with him but he recently passed away.

That said, I have no problems with interracial dating... I'm open to all races--just want a good guy.. and it I wouldn't mind him towering over me in height as John is to you. .LOL.


Thursday 28th of February 2013

I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. That's so sad. And Ugh, sorry you had to deal with that d-bag and his rude comments. He was a punk walking off when your boo returned. Thanks for the compliment and yessss I love a taaaall big footballplayery man.

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