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Our Marriage: Three Years Strong & Still Learning

honeymoon kiss

OK, first of all, can I just say….it feels very wrong saying 3 years strong, because I’ve been with this dude for basically my entire adult life, so saying 3 years feels like I’m shortchanging our relationship.

But anyway….

Happy 3rd Anniversary Jonathan!!

I love you so very much!

Our 1st Anniversary: We went to Vegas to celebrate, we found out we were pregnant and it was a crazy amazing celebration!

Our 2nd Anniversary: We had a sleeping 4 month old and just went out to dinner at one of our fave spots

2nd anniversary photo

Now, for our 3rd anniversary we’ve got a screechy baby, a bruck foot man, and a sleepy preggo lady. We’re SO not doing anything to celebrate big. I vote we just order in from this indo-chinese place we like and call it a night. (I’ll report back to you on FB to tell you what we actually did.)

This was a big year for us, and a trying one as well. We had some great laughs and wonderful times raising our son. We enjoyed a fun family vacation, and we found out we’re expecting another baby! On the other side, this year John’s accident changed our dynamic a whole lot. We had more struggles than we’ve ever had. Despite any hard times we’ve had, and wanting to punch him in the face sometimes, and any more to come….it’s comforting knowing that I’m doing the ups and downs of life with my best friend. My homeyloverfriend. (what’s that from?)

Here’s a bit of what I learned in my 3rd year of marriage:

  • I heard it before, but now I truly get it: Marriage takes constant (read: CONSTANT) work.
  • Sharing really kinda sucks, I get why kids don’t wanna do it. #onlychildsyndrome
  • We MUST compromise and take turns with undesirable responsibilities (like waking at 5am with a crazy toddler)
  • Fighting is useless when you want to just be right
  • Frequent “State of the Union addresses” are super necessary
  • Staying connected physically is worth its weight in marriage gold
  • Fatherhood makes husbands sexier
  • It’s ALL about teamwork. (COUGH: and I’m the coach! COUGH)
  • Let it go. Just let it go. It’s not that serious.  (This lesson I’m working HARD on lol)

 I’m excited to see what our fourth year of marriage brings!

We’ve got a big move south, a major shift in my business, a second child coming into the world, and lots of new experiences and challenges. I gotta tell ya, I’m supremely grateful that I’m doing all of these things with my Johnny.


How do you celebrate your anniversaries?


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Zaakirah Demba

Thursday 3rd of August 2017

This resonated well with me, especially all the amazing tips. My husband and I just celebrated our third anniversary and I can tell it's already going to be a challenging one. Here's to many more!


Friday 4th of August 2017

Happy anniversary!! You can withstand any storm. Good luck to you both. Lead with love!

Dawn M

Friday 14th of February 2014

Ilove the way you write! So fun to read your posts! I read about 5 of them, but I'll just comment here :) Can I also just say that I love all of your boots!! sexy mama! haha Happy Anniversary! My hubs is in the army, so it's unusual for us to actually be together on our special day. We usually just go out to dinner to a super fancy place so we can get all dolled up...since he's usually in uniform and im in my mom uniform of yoga pants, tank and flip flops! So it's nice to get all fancy!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

Saturday 12th of October 2013

Happy Belated Anniversary to guys! The Mr and I just finished celebrating our third wedding anniversary a few ago too. I definitely agree that marriage takes constant work if you want it to be successful.


Friday 11th of October 2013

Happy belated anniversary! I feel ya on feeling shortchanged since you've known each other so long - I've known my husband for 14 years and we've only been married for 4. Looking forward to a belated anniversary trip to Vegas in a few weeks!

Toia B.

Friday 11th of October 2013

I loved this post. You are too funny! Congrats to you both. My hubby and I just celebrated six years of marriage in August. We went to one of our favorite Spanish restaurants in NYC, Sofrito. Our funds are limited these days which means we don't have the luxury of eating out as often as we used to, so that was a nice treat. In years past, we took short trips to neighboring states, dinner on the big day and just enjoyed each others' company. That's what it's really about!

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