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I’m Not a Minimalist

…and I don’t want to be.


I pared down my dresser on Sunday (something I do about 6 times a year – dumping a garbage bag or two out each time…and still am left with bins and bins of clothes and shoes)

This time my paring down was a lot different because there weren’t shopping bags of new goodies waiting to be unloaded in place of the items I just tossed!

Light BULB

I had an ah-ha moment (thanks Oprah)


This no shopping til May thing could really help me out with my “stuff”iness.

So far I’ve organized my dresser a lot better and “discovered” so many pieces with tags still on! And others without tags that I must’ve worn once or twice only. I have no need to go shopping to create a new wardrobe. I already have a new wardrobe, but just wasn’t seeing it because of the disorganization, and piling more and more (and more) clothes in on top of it!

It’s feeling great to not shop just to shop. To not want a new ___. It feels lighter. And my wallet stays heavier! 🙂

I don’t think the minimalist lifestyle is for me, the whole…”I only own 17 things” blogs I see are fun to read, but are not my idea of a fun lifestyle. But, I can see the appeal. The light feeling these folks must have…

The goal I set for myself (which I now realize I will reach, EASILY!) was to not buy any clothes, shoes or accessories until May 1.

I’m now adding to that a few more bits that will both help me realize all I have, optimize my space and save some duckets:

  1. From May 1 through August 31 I will purchase only the planned clothing/shoe items I “need” – I am keeping a list of things that seem to be lacking in my wardrobe, and will make specific planned purchases only.
  2. From September 1 through December 31 I will start a new clothes shopping ban and continue to “shop” from my closet.
  3. I will only purchase 1 swimsuit for my vacations this year – This is a big effin deal.
  4. I will use up all my lotions, potions and creams before buying any new ones.
  5. I will scour the apartment for all the half used hair products I have hanging around, and use them up before buying new. (This puts my transition to all-natural products goal on hold, but it’s worth it)
  6. I will go through my bajillions of magazines and keep only 10 at a time in the house.
  7. I will go through my books, and give away the novels. IF I purchase a book, I will give away one to avoid adding clutter, but I will continue with the library for most books.
  8. I will go through all the papers stacked and hidden in the credenza and either shred them or file them if they’re needed

There you have it. That’s my plan. My non-minimalist clearing outtage plan 🙂

This feels so good!

Have you been on the no-shopping kick too? How’s it going? Have you had any ah-ha moments? Are you a minimalist or a semi-minimalist? Would you ever try the I own 15 things lifestyle?

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Brandi Ford

Wednesday 26th of January 2011

Me a minimalist? Hell no! And don't wanna be! But I do agree with you that when you get your clothes organized you rediscover outfits you had long forgotten. And on top of that, I just recently color-coordinated my closet and it has made finding the specific outfit I'm looking for so much easier.


Friday 21st of January 2011

If you're looking for a place to donate clothing my church on the UWS ( is having a clothing drive this Sunday. I have two huge bags of clothes ready to go!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.