How We Are Simplifying Our Lives, Bit by Bit


I mentioned yesterday that I would be paring down considerably before John, Roeybear and I move to our new space. It comes at a perfect time as a great way to start off the new year and bring a better energy into the new apartment.

I read a few books and blogs on paring down, decluttering and simplifying, and while some are a bit more extreme than I will ever be (So not going minimalist) I’m really inspired by them. One blog has really helped to shift me into this mindset: Living Well, Spending Less. This mom pared her closet down to just 40 hangers, and took away all of her kids toys. Extreme? Yes. Will I do that? Hayle No. But it’s inspiring to me. And John’s fully on board!

Having less will simplify our lives by:

  • lessening the amount of “stuff” to maintain, clean and store
  • offering less choice (which saves time and mental stress), and
  • keeping energy flowing more freely through our space.

We’re trying to get as much done as possible before the move, but will re-evaluate after we’re in the new space. Here’s our plan so far:


I’ve never wanted my kids to have a huge playroom filled with toys. I know this symbolizes abundance to some, and that’s cool if that’s you, but for my kids I want them to have a decent amount of creative toys that allow for imagination and learning over just entertainment. Too soon they’re gunna want to be in front of a computer screen instead :(

I’ve already bagged up tons of annoying little plastic blinking pieces. For Rohan I am only keeping:

  • his favorite few stuffed animals
  • his books (all)
  • two sets of blocks
  • cars/trucks/trains/planes
  • music supplies
  • doctor kit
  • easel and art supplies.

For BabyH2.0 we’re keeping:

  • a few of Rohan’s old developmental toys
  • Sophie of course
  • a stacking toy
  • a few soft stuffed animals
  • a play gym for tummy time
  • a couple of rattles.

A few toys will go over to my parents’ house to have on hand for them, and everything else is going to Goodwill.


John’s going through his clothes and is prepared to give a bunch to goodwill. I’ve done this recently, but am going to pare down even more drastically. Keeping only what I love, and could fit before getting pregnant with baby 2. No “goal” items.

A lot more of my 9-5 suiting is going to bite the dust too. I’m intending to never need to go back to a 9-5 life and need those clothes, but if I ever have to, I’ll purchase new items on a small scale when the time comes.

I rewear the same few jeans yet I have a million of em, and am home most of the time anyway in leggings or yoga pants so what’s the point of an expansive wardrobe?

I’m vowing not to shop for clothing for myself until Black Friday 2014. Think I can make it? (Yeah…me neither, lol but I’m gunna try, dammit!)

Rohan’s outgrown clothes will go to my friend’s son Akir, who is turning 1 soon. I’m not even gunna front and pretend that BabyH2.0 is going to have a small wardrobe…but I’ll be sure to get rid of the items she outgrows quickly to keep more open space.


I’m doing something that hurts my heart, and I’m going to sell my large lighting kit from my photography days. I’ll likely end up buying a small one for $40 or so on Amazon later in the year or in 2015. I’m selling some of Rohan’s goods and giving away tons of books, small appliances, kitchenware, textiles and nicknacks. (this is a BIG deal)


I’m actually really excited to have a lot less on my list of belongings. Back when the house connected to ours had that fire and we had to evacuate, I realized that I cared very little for anything I own. My computer, camera, engagement ring, and my aunt Shirley’s sunglasses were all I really wanted to pack. What truly mattered was Rohan and John.

Moving into a new space only with items that I love and use frequently, and things that bring beauty/comfort without adding clutter (meaning: photos and artwork for the walls, but not nicknacks on surfaces) is an awesome way to start 2014. And an awesome way to start a new chapter in our family’s life.

Have you done a drastic paring down of your belongings?

Have you ever taken away (all of) your kids’ toys?

Any clearing out ideas/tips for me?

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  1. says

    I admire folks who can do the minimalist lifestyle. I can’t. But I would like to declutter so this year I am going to actively try to get rid of stuff as it comes in the house! I already declutter Pookah but giving away all of the clothes, toys and car seats he can’t use anymore. My clothes….. That’s a problem lol! Good luck on not buying anything until Black Friday!!!

    • says

      I hope I truly can make it to Black Friday!! I’m gunna have some stuffed online shopping carts from fake shopping until then LOL. As for the minimalist lifestyle I can do it. (lived barebones as hell in guatemala) But I wouldn’t want to! I like….things! LOL. Good luck decluttering. It feels good and brings good things your way! LOL at the clothes problem…you can do it! How do you think you’ll start the purge? Is hubby on board? Does Pookah even notice his items disappearing?

  2. says

    We are definitely going through the kids’ toys and cutting back. We have not one but three storage containers of toys. Most have come from Grandma, but this year I’m making an effort to let people know not to waste their money on buying toys. Get my babies a stack of books or some craft supplies from the Dollar Store and call it a wrap.

    There are only so many dolls, trucks, balls, etc they can play with. Moo is outgrowing some of her clothes which means we’ll have another bag to drop off to Goodwill by summer. She has clothes for days. I’m looking forward to lightening our load too.

  3. Dee Dee says

    I’ve pared down about three times in the past 8 months, but something about starting a new year just makes me want to clear out even more.This is a big change from a few years ago when I used to keep everything!


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