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How to Choose Your One Word for 2019 – It’s not too late!

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I had to re-write this whole post. At the end of the year, I was thinking ahead to what I wanted my 2019 to look like. I chose the word HUSTLE.

….Spirit shut that down with a quickness.

I had so many ideas, and was journaling them out, deciding how I’d manifest/create them but alas… intuition told me to put it on pause. I felt called to just nourish myself and trim what I already have in the works.

Before I get to my word, here are some tips on how to choose a word for your year:

Let Them Flow

Brainstorm all the words that come to your mind about the year ahead. Let em all flow out into your journal or word doc. There are no wrong answers. (Here is a list of 120 words to get you started.)

Short List

After the brain dump quickly cull the list. Don’t think too hard, just let your intuition guide you. Cross off or delete the words your gut is telling you to remove.

Why / Impact

Go through your short list of words and think of why you want to embody it for the year ahead. What areas of your life will be impacted by this guiding word? Why do you want this energy in your 2019? Cut any words that don’t feel impactful or don’t suit your why.


With the few words you have left. Think about how you want to feel in 2019 and which word supports it. Which word makes you feel good as you read it and think about it? Which word just feels right?


The process should feel fun and easy. A bit introspective, but not stressful. If you feel stressed, stop and leave it alone for a while.

You don’t have to keep your word for the whole year. You can totally choose a word for the month instead. Do what feels natural and freeing to you.

For January my word is CLEAR:  

This was a literal clearing of our home (garage too!) and my closet. Not quite Kon Mari style though. It was also a time to get clear. Clarity. I closed out contracts and cancelled a lot of things that I didn’t want to take into 2019. I wanted to start the year FEELING clear. Like I had a fresh canvas.

For February my word is PUSH:

With the clearing I did in January (not gunna front, still more to do) I know that I want to push forward with in Feburary. My health and some aspects of my business for certain.

My overall word for 2019 is ENERGY!

This is my personal energy level – so I’m focusing on my health, sleeping better, eating cleaner, etc.

Energy work at large – for myself and others. Energy healing has been calling to me for a while.

Also managing the energy in my home and my life at large.

Energy is everything, after all.

2019 is going be vibrant with energy!

Some of my bloggy friends came through with pieces on their words for 2019. Check em out and show em some love!


Intention –

Release –

Gratitude –

Eliminate –

Consistency –

Foundation –

Forward –

What’s YOUR WORD for 2019?

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The Blogger Next Dior

Thursday 21st of February 2019

*living environment

The Blogger Next Dior

Thursday 21st of February 2019

My word for 2019 is CREATE. It will affect every part of my life. At work I will create a safe environment where I can teach the subject I wish to teach and in a way that I want. At home I will create a colorful and harmonious living that is chic. I will create healthy dishes to nourish my body. I will create generational wealth to pass on to my daughter...I could go on forever about this!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.