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Why You Must Visit Magic Village on Your Family Vacation to Kissimmee


Magic Village was our stop for a few nights after our cruise last November. I saw the photos online but didn’t expect the place to be so beautiful in person (and a great price for all you get)! If you’re looking for a hotel/resort/villa/rental option for a big family, or a group of friends in the Kissimmee or Orlando area… check them out. Here’s why:


Here is my video tour of the townhouse we stayed in. Go check it out. I’ll wait…. ::files nails::

How gorgeous. Right?!? Moms, you’ll love the fact that it is stocked with all you need in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. The backyard grill was clutch for burgers, and some have hot tubs on the back too.

There were four suites within the townhouse so it was perfect for a large family or multiple families or couples. And for those of you with young kids, there was a tub in one of the bathrooms for bathtime.


Super close to all the attractions in Kissimmee and Orlando. Close to fast food and sit down restaurants. Close to shopping….shhh. And close to a supermarket for anything you need if you want to cook in your townhouse. We did a little of both. I’m so glad we didn’t have to drive a million miles with hungry kids in tow to get some food in their bellies.


There is a cute little kiddie area right off the main lobby of the clubhouse. This area was small, I admit, but it was clean, quiet, and a nice change of pace for my littles. It started to rain and instead of having them in the room watching Disney Jr. we hauled them to the kiddie room to enjoy the change of scenery.


I stayed active during our stay at the gym, which overlooks the pool and jacuzzi, and by jogging through the winding property sidewalks. I wasn’t alone either. Another guest was running through the property and enjoying the crisp November air while they got their cardio in.


I loved this pool! It was too cold for me, but the kids and John loved it. I sat in the jacuzzi and enjoyed the relaxation.


Were sweet, international, not overly friendly, but certainly not standoffish. I always had the gym to myself. The restaurant got poppin around dinnertime, but was never overcrowded. Neither was the pool.


I honestly didn’t need much, so I can’t speak on it. We had all we needed. The place was super clean and well appointed. We didn’t have to call to request anything other than a recommendation for the closest place to get a cuppa coffee.

I’d go back in a heartbeat. They were expanding and building more homes, so I’m sure many other people feel exactly like we do. I wish we had stayed longer!

Check out Magic Village as an option for your next visit to Disney, Universal or even Legoland.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.