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Health Mart’s Champions of Care Challenge

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OK girls. Let me tell you about my husband, John. This man is such a do gooder it’s almost annoying. He’s gotta help everyone with car trouble, feed every homeless person, help everyone stuck in the snow, fix everybody’s computer, phone… everything… all. the. time.

What’s worse.

You know how they say you marry your father?

Well it’s absolutely true, because my father is the exact. same. way. Everyone on our block growing up, and even still today, come to him w/ car troubles, plumbing, contracting, etc troubles. And even if they don’t come to him…if he drives by and sees you outside trying to do something….best believe he’s going to pull over and see how he can help. I’ll go over to my parent’s house and ask my mom “Where’s Daddy?” and she’ll be like “Outside helping somebody with something somewhere.”

It’s just ingrained in them! Helpers by nature.

I tease them both, but I love that they love people and doing good for others for no reward other than the personal satisfaction of helping.

I love doing good deeds too. I mentor, I volunteered abroad…..but my dad and John just put my little piddly efforts to shame. My last good deed I think was just giving away a ton of warm clothes and boots.

What was your last good deed? Was it health related?

If so, you may wanna nominate yourself (or you can nominate a do-gooder friend) for Health Mart’s Champions of Care Challenge.

Visit TODAY to nominate.

The folks at HealthMart are going to give away $50,000 to deserving non-profits and the winners of their Champions of Care Challenge will get to choose the non-profit of their choice to get the prizes!

Starting on March 17th, the public will have two weeks to check out the stories posted and vote for their favorite Champions of Care.

A pretty cool contest, right?! The local do-gooders get highlighted and applauded, and then the local non-profits get thousands of dollars in grant money! Win/Win situation and brings light to great charities and charitable people.

What was your last good deed? Who would YOU nominate?

This is a sponsored post with the Niche Parent Network & Conference. All opinions are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.