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Amazon Prime Day – Deal or Nah?

It started weeks ago. Announcements for Amazon’s Prime Day Deals… I paid them no mind.

As the day drew closer, the announcements, ads, commercials ramped up. Still I resisted.

I remembered last year’s Prime Day debacle. There was like 10 cents off of spare extension cords and that’s it.

Still, a small voice in the back of my head whispered “just check it out…you never know.”

$4,000.00 later….

Just kidding. I haven’t spent that much….yet.

Last night I went on just to “check it out” and see if it was any better than last year.

Suddenly I had a pair of Calvin Klein shorts ($6.39 after an addtionaly 30% off at checkout!) coming to my home in 2 business days. *gulp*

I was on a semi-spending ban…so I rationalized that, well, I needed the shorts for my Kia press trip next week, and it was under ten bucks for Calvin Kleins so basically, I’m losing money not buying it… amirite?!

I shut off my computer after that and went to bed like a good girl.

Somehow when I was checking my emails this morning my browser navigated to Amazon yet again. ::shrug::….

What had happened was…


His and Hers WaterPiks  I had to buy two. I’ve been stalking the pricing all over online and at Costco. It was only $39 on Amazon! ($59 is the lowest I’ve seen it in the past 6 months or so)

If you can believe it, that’s all I got for myself so far!!!

However, in my cart, are quite a few items. A couple that I’m leaning toward definitely scooping up are:

“Featherbed” Mattress Cover ($59 – usually $150+)

LED Gel Nail Dryer ($22 – usually 50something)

I’ll get a few gifts to hide in the closet until December, but overall, it was just a so so sale. I am big into online shopping and will stalk deals and prices. I noticed most of the Amazon Prime Day sales (that I could find for things I wanted) weren’t that deeply discounted.

I’ll admit, some deals are slightly better than Black Friday. The Kindle Fire 7s were $33 on Black Friday so I scooped up 2 for the kids. Today they’re on sale for $29.99 and their normal price is $49.99!

EDITED TO ADD: The Dash Buttons are just $0.99 cents today! (They’re usually $5.00 which is ridiculous) The Dash buttons are the buttons you stick all over your house (hidden from view, obvi likeinside cabinet doors) and you press them when you’re running low, or out of an item and it automagically re-orders for you and arrives at your house in 2 days!

Other deals are just, Meh.

That said….I’m still popping on to Amazon when I get a few spare minutes and poking around to see what else there is lol. Who knows what I’ll end up with by day’s end.

Do you find the Amazon Prime Day deals to be big hits or just blah? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Did you get any Prime Day deals?

What did you buy?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.