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An Evil Mickey Story

I figured since I mentioned my disgusting rodent infestation, I should at least be a good friend and tell you the whole story.  If by some chance you thought I was a reasonable, logical human being who behaved normally….I’d like to dispell that notion for you right now and show you my crazy.

Rewind to November 2008, I was living alone in a different apartment (in a slightly sketchier part of town) and I saw a mouse pop out of a hole in my floor where the radiator pipe comes through.  I shreiked like a man, jumped up on the couch and continued screaming.  The mouse zoomed back down the hole.  I started crying, felt violated, and called my dad’s cell phone.  He picked up sounding sleepy (i glanced at the clock, it was almost midnight….oops) “Dad I have a mouse in my house come get it come kill it!!”  His response:  “I’m in Florida, call John.”  ::click:

Well, I did call John, and he refused to come save me from the beast.  Granted it was midnight, and he was in Jersey….but still.  I was scared.  I kept seeing the animal crawling on me and biting me.   I was going to have to sleep with this creature lurking around every corner.  The next day John came over with steel wool and some other crap and plugged up the hole.  My hero.

I moved out of that apartment the same month.

Yes, I totally ran away from a mouse.

Fast forward to my most recent mousecapade….  It’s about 9pm.  John had just left for work.  I’m innocently sitting at the kitchen table writing and I think I see something moving out the corner of my eye.  I dismissed it until I saw the brazen devilmouse pop out from behind my garbage can!!!  I think it was the same one from my old apartment. hehe

My heart stopped.  I screamed and jumped up on the chair I was sitting in.  I think I said “SHOO!”  as if it would listen.  I don’t know how long I was standing up there…but…I didn’t see it again.  I sat back down, on the verge of tears and feeling violated once again.  I went back to writing and heard rustling.  I looked for a weapon. I threw one of John’s books in the direction I heard the rustling.

Nothing happened.

I called John.  The convo was something like..

Me: ::sob:: come home now there’s a rat in here

John: A rat?

Me: Yes a rat and I’m scared come home now and kill it.

John: I can’t come home I’ll be late for work just relax

Me: I CANT RELAX! There’s a RAT in here!!!!wail moan sob cray wail again

John: I’ll get it in the morning.

Me: Noooo Whyyyyyyy (read that in the most whiney voice you can muster)

John: Danielle!!

Me: Fine!!! :click:

Then I stomped over to my keys (because stomping would scare the devilmouse and he won’t come out to climb on me…clearly), put on my sneakers and ran out of that hellhole.

Yes, I fled from a rodent a second time. 

I stayed at my parents’ house for 2 weeks (not because of the mouse lol, I was staying w/ my brother while ‘rents went away) and I monitored the mouseactivity through John during the whole time.    He saw it once…but never again.

When I came home there were sticky traps and mouse poison thingys ALL OVER the apartment.  We haven’t seen the rodent since, but every creak I hear I feel like it’s him….waiting until I sleep so he can come crawl on me and bite me.

Hasn’t happened yet though.  ::shrug::

The end.

Happy Friday girls!! Have a great weekend!!

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Friday 14th of November 2014

The pictures are great!! And your story telling abilities are great because I felt like I was watching a commercial or mini movie


Tuesday 27th of September 2011

I am shaking my head at you... you and your evil Mickey pictures... lol. I called my hubby a few weeks ago while he was in a board meeting (!) because there was a giant spider in our garage... he couldn't do anything about it but I was traumatized trying really hard not to cry in front of my babies. It was big... scary... and I am pretty sure it gave me the finger. Consider my head shake complete solidarity... I would have moved too.


Tuesday 27th of September 2011

OMG I totally did the same thing in my 1st apt. I heard something in the kitchen & when I went to look, a little nose popped near the burner on the stove. AACK! Why I didn't just turn the gas on I'll never know, but I too moved in with my parents for a good 2 weeks until I knew that pest-control guy had done his job. ;)


Monday 26th of September 2011

I slept over at a friend's house one night and a mouse crawled right over me. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming out what, until I felt it a second time and swatted at it with my hand only to jump up in the dark and realize it was a mouse! Ewwwww! I ran straight to take a shower, screaming and wailing. My friend whose house I was at just woke up and said "yeah I see him from time to time, hadn't seen him in a while I thought he left". None of us girls ever slept there again. In fact I don't even talk to her anymore...but that's cause we lost touch.

Mrs. Pancakes

Monday 26th of September 2011

In college in my friend's apt one night...we saw a mouse and for the rest of the night i couldn't sleep...i wanted to leave their house. i can't stand mice of any kind! hope the crazy thing never comes back!

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