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6 Reasons to take a Momcation Asap


Listen up. You need to take a momcation asap. Yesterday I returned from almost a week in Vegas. (If you follow me on instagram you can see pics.) I had no kids with me. No husband. I did meet my business partner there, but she is also a mom, who was husbandless and childless for the week. We were in town to cover CES (amazeballs), speak at Type-A Vegas conference (super extra amazeballs) and attend Affiliate Summit West (cray cray overwhelming amazeballs). Let’s just say it was a full week.

This was the first time I have been to Vegas since 2011 for our one year anniversary, and the first time I have been without John! (Sidebar: remember that time I got married in Vegas?)

So I was a free bird… I had about a week of no mommy duty, no wifely duties and though the trip was all business, it was certainly a momcation. Here are my 6 reasons that YOU should take a momcation too.

1. Sleep

Do you remember what that is? That’s that thing that’s supposed to happen for about 7 hours each night where you relax, recharge, dream, and wake up ready to take on the world. You may remember it from before you had children. I vaguely do. Well, on your momcation you’ll be reminded. You’ll be able to sleep the night through with no “mommy? Mommy!!! ARE YOU AWAKE?!!” whispered into your ear at 3am. You’ll wake up when you want to, either on your own (glorious) or when the alarm goes off (less glorious, but still better than a child’s cry.)

I’m grateful that I was able to sleep on this trip. More than expected, even.

2. Hot meals

So, for those of you who are parents of young children and aren’t sure what the term “hot meals” means… It’s that thing where you sit down with a plate of food still hot from the stove/oven and you get to eat it….like…right away. The food is warm in your mouth. Cheese is gooey, not congealed. You may even have to blow the soup before tasting it. I ate several hot meals this past week. I didn’t have to help anyone eat, or cut food into pieces. I didn’t have to share my food that is exactly the same as the food on a toddler’s tray but somehow more worthy of consuming simply because it’s on my plate…. Nope. None of that. (No cooking either.)

Bonus: I finished multiple hot cups of coffee too.

3. No Cleaning

Nuff said.

Thank you housekeeping.

4. Silence

You will enjoy only the sounds you desire to hear…whether it be TV, radio, an audio book, or absolute silence. SILENCE. There were times when my room mate and I were both doing absolutely nothing… in absolute silence. Between us we have 5 children ranging in age from 19 to 1. Silence in that hotel room may have been the best part of the entire trip. There was no crying, no whining (except a little from me when I had to actually get out of the bed – See item #1)

5. Uninterrupted showers

On momcations you will be able to maintain your hygiene with no distraction or interruption. No banging on the door, no tiny fingers poking under the door. I suffer from auditory hallucinations when I’m in the shower. Both of my children will be fast asleep, and once I get in the shower, I am certain I hear them crying. I didn’t suffer from that during my momcation. I took long, hot, full showers…and even conditioned my hair in there! I haven’t been this clean since my first child was born.

6. You’ll be missed

Outside of the practical benefits listed above. Your momcation will lend itself to one benefit that will serve you well upon your return. Your family will miss you like a mofo! My nonemotional husband was texting me how much he appreciates me… once I came to after passing out reading it…. I was very grateful. My daughter latched on to me and barely let me go for about 12 hours straight, and my very hands-off son let me rock him to sleep and snuggle with him for a long while. It’s nice to be missed and valued for all you bring to the table as a mom. Momcations are certainly worth it!


Now, it doesn’t have to be a week-long trip to Vegas. It can be a weekend away at your local hotel or hiding out at your sister’s house for a day or two. The only criteria is that you perform no mommy duties during your momcation and you savor every selfish moment of it!

Have you taken a momcation?



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Monday 18th of January 2016

Momcations sounds great. Right now I'm just looking forward to my anticipated babymoon with hubby next month in Ft. Lauderdale. I'm sure I'll be yearning for a mom cation once this first one is born.


Tuesday 19th of January 2016

Ft Lauderdale? OOOOOhhhh I'm gunna come crash your babymoon!


Saturday 16th of January 2016

I'm still pregnant with #1 but I already miss sleep. I know I'll want a momcation in a few months!


Friday 15th of January 2016

Silence...what is that?


Sunday 17th of January 2016

Oh see, it's this thing that childless people have throughout the day whenever they want it. You may remember it from back in the day...if you try really really hard.


Friday 15th of January 2016

Once the baby gets a little older (she's 2 months), I'll be ALL over a momcation. By the way, I do miss hot meals :-\

Erica Alcox

Friday 15th of January 2016

**tear** I remember silence. It was so peaceful that one time back in 2004. I would like to add on to this. I am inspired! Lol

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.