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HP Instant Ink: Saving Time Money and Marriages #Neverrunout

hp instant ink

I mentioned in my momcation post that I had the privilage of attending CES the week before last. It used to be called the consumer electronics show, and it’s the largest gathering of all things tech related for media, buyers, and tech lovers to enjoy. It’s huge! Spanning several convention centers.
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It was like a city unto itself.

While I was there, I attended a breakfast for HP. While sipping mimosas and eating delicious organic breakfast items we were treated to a presentation on ink.

Yes, ink.

Now… I will be honest… I didn’t expect a presentation on ink to be funny, cute, fun, educational and interesting all at once, but somehow, this guy made it happen:

hp dr thom

Dr. Thom is one of the ink scientists at HP that work on the formula making HP ink the best quality they can. (And pretty charismatic for a dude in a lab coat) I sorta felt like I was in a futuristic, fun chemistry class. There were beakers and stuff!  He showed us a few hands on demos about how ink is formulated and the ways they worked on HP ink to make it really high quality.

They do magical science things to the formula to make the ink not bleed or mix, to stop it from curling the paper when wet, and for staying bold and vivid in color for longer times. (Yes, magical science things….I was more of an English class kinda girl…)

Outside of learning about the ink I learned about something (in my opinion) much more useful to me as a printaholic.

First off… my confession. I love to print stuff out. I try. I try to keep a “paper free” office, and I try to read online… but… I just can’t. It took me a very long time to give in to buying a kindle. I just love paper. If I find an ebook that’s short, I will print it out. John can’t stand it. I print out coloring sheets, and homeschool activity worksheets for Rohan If there’s something too long, and I don’t want to waste my ink, I ask John to print it for me at work. SSsshhhhhh. Don’t tell.

I just tend to be a printaholic. ::shrug:: And then I have to be all careful watching our ink levels so we don’t run out…
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printing everything in greyscale lol…and then hating myself when we do because we’ll only run out just before John needs to print his random once-in-a-blue item…and I know….I just KNOW…John would give me a side eye and talk smack. LOL

But, at the HP event, we learned about the HP Instant Ink program that would prevent me getting any side eyes from John! It’s an automatic delivery of ink, ordered directly by your printer, BEFORE you run out…so you never do. You sign up for the service and choose how much you typically print, and base your subscription on that. It starts at around 50 pages per month at just $2.99. If you have a month where you just go crazy printing a ton, your printer knows and can adjust your ink delivery accordingly. This is perfect for students and homeschooling moms who print out tons of worksheets each month.

The HP Instant Ink service saves you time, and saves you money. In our house it’ll save me a headache and stress from my husband as well.


I feel like it’s such a smart and futuristic service, and it’s actually quite simple. I wonder what other easybutton items are on the horizon from HP…and everyone else. I mean… it’s 2016… I want the flying cars I was promised back in the 80s.

Do you have HP Instant Ink? Are you a printaholic too?

HP sponsored this post, but you already know the words, feelings, and print-drama in my house is all my own.

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Tuesday 19th of January 2016

I am a total and unapologetic printaholic. I tried paperless but it doesn't work for me. It irks my officemates so much but I need printed papers. I will have to check out instant ink soon.

Ari Adams

Tuesday 19th of January 2016

This actually sounds really helpful! I'm also prone to running out of ink just before something important and urgent needs to be printed and this would be a huge lifesaver!

Jennifer aka Baby Making Mama

Tuesday 19th of January 2016

I'm dying just at the headline! I have an HP printer and I am scared to print anything because I don't want to run out of ink, because then I can never remember what size of ink cartridge I need, where to buy it, and how to put it in once it gets here. I think this could be exactly what I need. Does it come with an installer too?

Aaronica @ the Crunchy Mommy

Monday 18th of January 2016

Dani you've just sold me know this service!!! For my business I'm constantly printing out labels and what not and ALWAYS see the offer to sign up and always decline. And I'm always left with the last drop of ink before I go out to get more!!!

Cascia Talbert

Monday 18th of January 2016

I like to print stuff out too, but I don't have HP instant ink.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.