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Spicing Up Date Night


Throwback date night pic!

Date nights are something John and I have always said we wanted and then only half heartedly followed through with.
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Pre kids our dates were great. We’d go out and paint the town red. After Roey was born they dwindled down and even more so after Kai. We’ve been together since the year of the flood so we have to find ways to keep things fresh.

One of the great things about being down in Florida its the many willing hands to take the kids so John and I can have some decent date nights again to keep things spicy.

Speaking of Florida, I’ve been here a couple weeks and John’s been up north. He’ll be here for Christmas so we’re planning for a date night while he’s in town. We’re definitely overdue for some one on one connected together time.
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Next month once he’s down here for good I hope to have weekly date nights. We have our date night “rules” like:

  • No kid talk – “oh roey did this cute thing…”
  • No shop talk – “the air conditioner’s making that weird sound again…”
  • No marriage meeting talk – “can you start putting your coffee cups in the sink…”

Do we always follow those rules? No. All we do is talk about our kids, tell each other not to talk about the kids, then start talking about the kids again. LOL

Christmas Eve 2013

Last Christmas Eve Date Night (our lil tradition)

But then we get past it and can pretend to be child free adults just enjoying a grown-up date together. Talking about the kids and boring house/marriage stuff is not sexy. We started doing a few little tweaks to spice things up:

  • More experimenting with different products
  • Texting each other more during the day building up anticipation for the date night
  • Choosing more romantic venues for our dates.

But for our Super Duper extra special gotta-sneak-it-in-where-we-can holiday date night… No rules. Just…connecting. It’s been too long.

We have a standing Christmas eve date night, but since my family has a big Christmas eve soiree, we’re going to have to switch it up going forward.

Switching it up will be good because we always have the same kinds of date nights. They’re always “Dinner ands” As in, “Dinner and a movie”, “dinner and a show”, “dinner and go home and be lazy bums” or my favorite… “dinner and …go home and NOT be lazy bums” ::insert knowing look here::

 What do you do for date nights?

How do you spice them up?

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Kivon Matthews

Wednesday 17th of December 2014

Sharing some love from the Facebook group Black Women with mixed race children and families <3

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.