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I Don’t Care What Beyonce Eats


 I don’t care what Beyonce eats.

Do you?

No, really, do you?

Seriously, if she gets people to eat more veggies after her trolly little GMA stunt, then god bless her. #veggiesaregood!

Honestly, I don’t care what any celeb is eating. And the older I get, the less I care what they’re doing in any aspect of their personal lives at all.

I do care what I’m eating, tho….. and my low carbing is going well!! There are noticeable results!

beyonce body roll happy

 (I also care what other “regular” people are eating, maaan instagram has me all up in people’s plates….and even in plates I don’t wanna be in #struggleplates – @cookingforbae – check em out!)

Promised you all pics of what I’m eating….Then in true Dani fashion, I remember to take pics after I’ve started eating… Here are a couple:

grilled chicken and roasted veggies    pulled pork and brocolli

 Still doing low carb and most likely will forever..but just wean down on the meat a bit. It doesn’t really take much effort any more.

I don’t go hard.  I don’t count my carbs. I had cake on Roey’s bday. Sometimes I want a yummy starbucks latte so I just get sugarfree vanilla instead of the cinnamon dolce latte I’m really craving. I have cream and no sugar in my coffees, no sugar in my teas, I’m avoiding bread/pasta/sweets. It’s not hard, thank goodness. Having one day a week to go apeshit on carbs really makes it easy. And results still appear!

I drink tons of water.

Peep the cutest infusion water bottle ever. My friend made it 🙂 Buy it from her and make her rich please. I just pop some fruit in the middle part (or not) and I’m good for the day. I love the reminders on the side.

best infusion water bottle

I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast daily.

bacon and cheese eggs

 I eat a shit ton of salad daily.

chipotle chicken salad on greens with pickled onions

grilled chicken and portabella mushroom salad

mcdonalds southwest salad grilled chicken

My newest food related goal:

Start using my slow cooker, to make low carb meat dishes while i’m at work. Then I can just throw a salad and greens together to go with it when I get home.  I start that adventure next week. Cross your fingers for me.


I eat McDonalds about once a week.  That Southwest Chicken Salad w/ Grilled Chicken (in pic above)… it’s everything to me. I love it and it loves me!  I think I’ll make an announcement on GMA about it…

beyonce laugh end gif

What are you eating these days?

Are you going vegan with Beyonce or nah?

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Saturday 19th of December 2015

No going vegan here. I don't eat much meat, but mostly b/c it isn't in my budget. But I love dairy! Your meals look so good, now I'm hungry. I don't find myself all that interested in what the stars eat, it is probably going to be kooky.

Julie Wood

Friday 23rd of October 2015

There is no way I can go vegan. I have to have eggs and bacon and meat! I do like the low carb eating though. It is healthy and helps me feel better. I like your idea about cooking the meat in the slow cooker when at work, and having it done when I get home! I will be doing this.


Saturday 13th of June 2015

I just died with laughter. Bey can suck it. I'm sorry but eating vegetables was "popular" before her GMA announcement. Like really? Is she our mom or something? Anywhoooo...I digress!

"Buy it from her and make her rich please" That was soooo cute and sooooo funny at the same dang time! That bottle is where it's at though! I'll have to check her out because I don't wanna put water in my smoothie bottle because... yeah I'm just looking for an excuse to purchase that cute bottle.


Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club

Friday 12th of June 2015

What water bottle looks good on you DANI!!!! Chile - you don't want to know what I ate this week. I ate out twice and well.....I hit the reset button. I drank a lot of water though!

Dre Davis

Tuesday 9th of June 2015

Lol I love this post, Dani. I'm with you-- I couldn't care less what Bey is or isn't eating (though Popeye's ads keep coming to mind). But I hope that her new venture with that plant-based life leads people to that interview I did last week with Author Esosa E on the topic! HAHAHA!

I do love seeing what others are eating on Insta, though. It helps me get ideas on other healthy food choices, because I do get tired of eating salmon/brown rice/broccoli. I'm loving the fact that you share your dessert and your bacon and eggs too, girl. I swear I just can't give up the bacon!

Thanks for keeping it all the way real, Dani. You (not Bey) inspire me to make better eating choices :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.