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What is Your Parenting Style?

I’m a blogging ambassador for the CHPA Educational Foundation’s KnowYourOTCs program and all opinions are mine.

What is your parenting style? How did you come up with it? Did you decide the type of parent you would be before you gave birth? My motherhood style is “diligent til I’m too tired.” Maybe “Hot Mess with a dash of Sense.” Or maybe Just “Survival Mode Motherhood.”

I’m not sure.

I wanted to be the perfect TV mom that took exacting care of every little bitty thing, but…. then I got real. My kids are clean (usually), well fed (always), happy (unless they’re fighting or it’s bedtime), spoiled by everyone, well-traveled, cultured, comfortable and clothed.

So maybe they have a little too much screen time on Saturdays when I’m trying to catch up on work. Maybe I threaten their lives when we’re out in the stores and they misbehave. Maybe John bribes them with hot wheel toys every.
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single. time. he leaves the house with them alone.

We are new school parents in that we let them share their feelings and even *gasp* express their anger at us. We let them govern their bodies (for the most part – I will throw them in a bath when need be.)

We are not permissive parents, we’re not authoritarian nor are we totally attachment. I’m not sure what label we would have to describe our parenting style, but we are loosey goosey with a lot, and strict about what matters to us.

Anything regarding their health and safety is for sure precise. We don’t let them ride bikes without their helmets, or ride in the streets without one of us outside on the walkway with them. We don’t let them play with sharp items or power tools without us directly supervising them (well, I’ll tell you a story about John and this one later) and with meds we are certain to dose properly.

A new study showed that nearly one in four parents of young children don’t believe OTC medicines are strong enough to require precise dosing and One in five believe using a spoon is okay for measuring OTC medicines.

With the upcoming cold and flu season fast approaching, here are 4 tips to remember when giving your child OTC liquid medicines:

ALWAYS read and follow the directions provided on the Drug Facts label. (BEFORE giving meds)

It is important to use the dosing or measuring device that comes with the medicine. (No spoons!)

Never give two medicines at the same time that contain the same active ingredient (for example, some multi-symptom cold medicines may contain acetaminophen).

Always speak to your doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare provider if you have any questions.
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I love our doctor(s). We go the scoop on which meds we could combine to give Ro and Kai when they come home coughing sneezing and snotty, and which to administer separately.

For this young childhood stage of parenting, I think my style is going to be consistently “Hot Mess with a side of Common Sense” but we shall see what happens as they grow up.

What is YOUR parenting style?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.