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It’s Over.

Well, I never thought I’d be posting anything like this on my blog, especially after posting THIS,  but I just have to get it out there now, in efforts to maintain honesty with my readers/bloggy friends and integrity with myself.


OK, here goes.  I’m getting a divorce. 

There. I said it.  I’m divorcing John….

Because of this person:

Help me Jesus.

His name is Alcide Joe, and we’re in love.  I hate to do this to John….but….I must follow my loins heart.

I love a big man.  He’s 6’5. Yummmm

*fans self*

We’ve had a standing date almost every Sunday night on HBO.  He’s got issues w/ fairy girls and trashy V addicts, but deep down, he’s mine and mine alone.


Lord have mercy…

Can I get an AMEN?!

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Saturday 27th of August 2011

LMAO! I've actually met him. He does theatre and i use to do public relations for a top regional theatre. The girls were drooling over him but he wanted nothing to do with any of'em! lol Looks exactly the same in person btw ; )


Friday 26th of August 2011

I am the biggest True Blood fan... and he is the reason I watch every Sunday!


Thursday 11th of August 2011

LMAO. Ok, I know this is late...but hey 1. I LOVE UR BLOG and 2. I LOVE THIS MAN. Really. I do. I spent 2 hrs googling at him this morning and was wondering if anyone else felt the same...AND BAM!!!!! We must be spiritual sisters or something????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!! First I "find" you and am "saved" from the crazies, then I see this post. Are you kidding me? Wow...and yummmolicious!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.