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One Night at The Plaza Las Vegas

plaza 13

My trip to Vegas in January was wonderful. I got a working momcation and loved every bit of it.

I spent the first night at The Plaza in downtown Las Vegas and I was honestly a little nervous. I got a great CES discount and just had to try it out. I love the downtown area, Fremont Street, and how it has it’s own completely different vibe from the strip.

I got to the Plaza super late and super tired. The place was still jumpin’ because: Vegas. I was in a short tempered, grumpy and impatient mood. The line was super long to check in. I was immediately turned off.

Then I met Jasmine. The front desk agent was the absolute sweetest, helpful and genuinely kind person ever. You know how some places train their staff to be all “my pleasure sir” “as you wish madam” and they say it but you know they don’t give a damn?  Well, Jasmine was not all stuffy with the “my pleasure” but was just actually a sweet person that was happy to just do her job well.  (Or, she is an award winning actress)

Having my mood turned around from Jasmine’s assistance at the front desk….and surprise upgrade to a suite… made my door key issues a lot easier to handle. I had to come back down to the front desk twice for new keys before the new front desk agent (where the heck did Jasmine go?!) called for security to let me into the room. #hassle

Note: The security dude was really kind and nice with the same friendly vibe as Jasmine. High 5 to human resources at the Plaza. I forget his name, but this guy was awesome.

Once I got in that door tho….

plaza 6

The suite is actually two full-sized hotel rooms. One is a living area with couches, tables, 2 sitting areas, TV, bathroom and kitchenette.

plaza 4

plaza 5

The other is a full bedroom, full bathroom and sitting area with desk. (I wish I got a good pic of this space for you guys.)

plaza 7

plaza 8

It was a smoke free room, and I was super grateful that it really smelled smoke-free! (Some places say it, but you go in and smell stale cigarette with air freshener over it.)

I took a quick video tour when I got in:

If I didn’t have to leave at the crack of dawn the next morning I would have explored more and done another video.

You know we speak plainly here. So, listen, the room is not luxurious. There’s no froo froo anything. However, it’s a lot of space, clean, and has everything you need. It was just little ol’ me in the space, but I was already imagining if we came back to Vegas with a group, we could do some pre-gaming or afterpartying in the living area and have a great time. It’s perfect for a party. Or if a bridal party was getting ready…or some friends just chilling and watching a game or a fight on the TV.

Also this space is perfect for families. Mom and dad could have some privacy, and the kids could have a great time in their own space watching their kiddie shows. The hotel itself is family-friendly because it’s not a crazy expansive maze like the larger hotels on the strip. It’s large, but not annoyingly so.

Family travel gets really expensive sometimes. You have to look for the bargains and deals especially with 2 or more kids. This would definitely be a good choice. I know for some, Vegas feels like a grown-folks town, but it’s really family friendly. The downtown area even more so since the Fremont St Experience is more condensed than the strip.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Plaza to a budget conscious family looking for a convenient, comfortable place for their Vegas family vacation. I already told John that we have a new option of places to book when we go back to Vegas next January for CES.

Now, I’m not going to front like I worked out at the Plaza’s gym in my quick stay here… but I did visit it. 🙂 The gym is one of the amenities that I check before booking a stay anywhere, so I already knew the Plaza’s would be up to par for me, even though I didn’t get to make use of it.

plaza 9 plaza 10 plaza 11 plaza 12

It was clean, cool, and very well equipped. It wasn’t as brightly lit as I expected it to be though. I love when a hotel gym has free weights so I can go find my little corner and work out there in peace. The gym at the Plaza was perfect for the size of the hotel.

Random: This is totally personal and may sound weird, but I like when I go somewhere and see an almost even mix of races/cultures, ages, gender, sexual orientation..etc. Looking around at the Plaza I saw the entire rainbow represented, I saw mixed race couples, same sex couples, and skin tones ranging from snow to charcoal among the other guests. #ilovethis And bonus, I saw the same range of skin tones represented among the staff of different levels as well.

Overall Impression:

This is a great, family friendly, budget friendly hotel in Downtown Las Vegas. This place is for you if you want either a quick crash pad, or a convenient home base for a longer stay. A group of friends would do well to stay here at a great rate with all the amenities they need.

I do have one negative though. Smoke in the casino. I’m kinda allergic to cigarette smoke. But…that’s everywhere down there, so I can’t fault the Plaza. You can’t escape it. Just want to let you know in case you have a severe smoke allergy.

Have you stayed at the Plaza?!


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Wednesday 6th of April 2016

I love staying in downtown Vegas and never considered The Plaza so thanks for putting it on my radar! I also look around at the diversity - I know exactly what you mean ;-)


Sunday 10th of April 2016

I'm glad I'm not the only one with the diversity lens on their eyeballs. Yes I like downtown Vegas too, we usually do the Golden Nugget down there but this was a nice, affordable change of pace.

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