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We Need A New Car AND Family Reunion Fun


All of my internal organs are crushed and I’m not sure how I’m still alive.

No…I didn’t get into a car accident….

Kaya screamed for 6 hours straight during our drive to the family reunion. I started out like a normal human in the passenger seat as John drove…but shortly after we started off…I was stuffed between the two car seats in the back all twisted up like a cirque performer.
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There’s not enough space between the car seats for me to actually sit, so I had to kinda do a diagonal perching and keep my core engaged (thanks Shaun T) so I could be high up enough to keep Kaya calm, or feed her or whatever.


Not fun.

Oh and guess what…we have a 22 hour road trip planned for October.
We NEED a new car.

I love road trips. I really do. The anticipation of the vacation is always great, and then the whole preparing and packing snacks, packing things to prevent boredom, and little surprises for the kids and knowing that there’s uninterrupted family chat/game time.. I just really enjoy it. It’s comforting.

HOWEVER: A 3 hour trip that somehow ended up being 6 hours, with a screaming baby and crushed body parts…. not comforting.

This lil maxima has been through a lot. It’s our plan to run it into the ground before buying a new car, but with the increased driving now, and once we move to Florida… and the two-kid factor… ::sigh:: I don’t know if it’ll make it! We’re looking at SUVs and Station Wagons.

We enjoyed our trip though!

The family reunion was smaller than usual, but I kinda liked it better this year than in the past. It felt “homey” since it was held on my aunt n uncle’s estate instead of at a hotel’s facilities. It was like a two-day cookout/party. (Saying “estate” makes it sound fancy, right?
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! Insteadda just… “land” or “houses”)

I re-met some cousins I hadn’t seen in a billion years and Rohan and Kaya got to meet tons of extended family. One of my cousins is just a couple years younger than me and has a son Roey’s age….come to find out…she lives about 2 towns away from us in Jersey. #playdatetime!

I thought Kaya looked just like John, but then my grandmother (Daddy’s Mom) held her….

great grandma and kaya okdani

I enjoyed talking to everyone, and John met and talked to everyone too. My favorite part was seeing Rohan having fun. He got to interact with the other kids and though he was wary about every adult at first, he warmed up to most…ok some…ok a few. Mainly anyone who’d play cars with him. Kaya had fun being held by everyone, and ripping out everyone’s hair…

20140823_181709 20140824_10433420140823_171234 20140823_173724 (1)

This happened:

and later after dranks this happened…

That’s a good place to end it hahaha Have a happy humpday girls!!

Does your fam have reunions each year?

If you were getting a new car, what would you buy?

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Mrs K

Wednesday 10th of September 2014

I almost missed this post. So glad I didn't because it was so cute and funny. The thought of you in the back with the kiddos is hilarious but I can so relate. We have a Ford Explorer and I like it a lot. Although it's an SUV it rides like a car and it's roomy. We don't have official family reunions but my crazy, large family always finds reasons to get together.

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

Saturday 6th of September 2014

I wish my family(ies) had reunions every year, but they're very scarce now. But whenever we do get together we have a great time!


Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

Awww... I love a reunion! I am very sorry your organs aren't right. But, it was for a good reason. The kids are adorable. I didnt get to commetn on yesterdays post. So all I'll say right now is... You and your husand look great tgether!! Don't worry that there are no actual pics of you together.

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