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Retro and Modern Motherly Advice #knowyourotcs

I’m a blogging ambassador for the CHPA Educational Foundation’s KnowYourOTCs program but all opinions are mine.

Can we talk about how cute that retro video intro was!? #ijs

With yesterday being mother’s day, we honored our moms. Today, we can keekee about some of the outdated advice they gave us. What old school advice did your mom give? Did you actually follow it?

My mom said to let kids gnaw on big chicken bones when they were teething (read: this is not safe, please don’t.), and let babies cry it out to sleep train. (Jury’s out on if this is harmful or not, but it hurts my heart, and ears, so I didn’t follow that advice.)

nikki shrugging

As part of my partnership with Here are a few areas to follow MODERN advice for:

  • Safe medicine dosing when treating kids – It’s important to be precise with the right device when giving kids over-the-counter (OTC) medicine andnever ever using a kitchen spoon. Always use the measuring device that comes with the packaging. Visit this page for up-to-date safe dosing tips for parents.
  • Sunscreen – Mother nature is getting her sh*t together and warmer weather has finally arrived across much of the country. Yay! If you dug my tip in the video above, and want to learn more (yes….even if you’re skin is melanin-rich *wink*) visit
  • Sleep Routines – This is a biggie. We all just want a nice, peaceful, uninterrupted night of sleep! Something you deserve beyond just Mother’s Day and Father’s Day! Here is a link to an article with advice on how to tackle sleep challenges – along with helpful reminders on how many hours of sleep kids need at different ages. I personally think my kids should sleep like 22 hours a day. Don’t you?

What retro advice did your parents give you?

Did you follow it?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.