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Letter to My Husband

hi johnny

Hi Fweh,

I’m really only writing this “letter to my husband” piece today because I wrote to the kids on the blog  and it got me all in my feelsies.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m trying to thank you more. And remind you how grateful I am for you more often. Almost every day at some point while trying (uselessly) to clean up, or chasing the kids or squeezing in some blogging time, I think of how thankful I am for you.

I forget if I told you this or if I just thought it, but I think I love you more. Love you bigger, deeper somehow in the last couple months. Not that I didn’t love you with all of my heart before….but like….maybe my heart grew a few inches or something 🙂 I feel like you’re encouraging me more and being so supportive of my dreams and I am loving it. I relish that shit. On the good months you’re so congratulatory, and on the slow months you’re so encouraging that it helps fuel me forward. I feel like you’re trying to be a more intentional husband and I’m here for it. From taking over with the kids when you get home from work so I can lay the F down for a minute, to chipping away at the list of crap I can’t do that you can. I love it. (PS can you put together that table/chair set for the kids plz?)

Every day you wake up early and head to work to provide for us financially, and that’s a big responsibility. We don’t take it lightly. Really. I’m so lucky. I don’t know if you know that I know how lucky I am to have you take on that financial burden on your own. To be able to be home with our monsters and teach them and play with them and love on them all day, even when it’s horribly annoying, it’s still the most awesome thing ever. Outside of them being born healthy, being able to stay home with them is really the best gift I’ve been given, and I’m so grateful to you for giving me that. (and I’m extra grateful when auntie A & P take em and we can just be a free couple for a day or two)

Anyway, I feel like you’re growing, and expanding, maybe even becoming a little more open, and becoming a better version of yourself, and I like seeing it. #hereforit. You’re taking great care of yourself, the house, us… You’ve put a lot on the back burner for the children and I and we appreciate it. I’m glad that I’m earning more so you can have more wiggle room to not back burner the big things for much longer. #teamteamwork

So, I’m going to keep making the effort to thank you out loud, since words of affirmation are your love language, and I’m going to keep reminding you how proud I am of you. and I’m going to keep pressing forward with biz to bring in a billion dollars so you don’t have to stress it. *muah*

Love you,



I kinda like this public sharing of my letters to my kids and husband. I wonder if someone has a linkup for husband letters the way Lashawn has a linkup for letters to our children. I’m going to look for one, and if I can’t find a good one, I think I’ll start one up. Any of you bloggers reading this down for a “letters to our spouses” link up?

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Monday 22nd of February 2016

Hi Fwew,

Keep thanking me. I love it=)

But seriously you're welcome. Its what our family needs at the moment and I'm happy I can do it.

Our kids need their mommy and you need time to work on your business.

and don't turn will come....*cue diabolical laughter.

Medschool won't be fun for anyone lol.

I love you.


Saturday 20th of February 2016

I'm not sure how link ups work but I'd be down! My hubby is definitely putting some of his dreams on the back burner so I can stay home with our baby (if he ever comes out).

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