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Eloping = Easy Button! (Maybe)

I am psyched and here’s why: 

* I have the wedding ceremony all booked!
We’ll have limo service, a beautiful private ceremony, a photo package, a dvd of the ceremony and extra time for some photos around the valley!

* I have an awesome photographer, she’s sweet and patient and I’m glad she’s on board.  Oh yeah, and I kinda like her work too. lol

* David’s Bridal agreed to Rush, RUSH, RUSH my dress alteration!! It took me a while to get them to agree to it, but finally (after I would have to pay way extra) they agreed to have it to me in 5 days after first fitting (which will be happening today)  They really fought me on it.  Rush was 3 weeks! That’s no good.

* I really have NO WORRIES right now!  I have little things to do like find shoes, (i’m probably going with pink so I don’t know why I am posting these lol)

order my flowers (a DIY project – a lily bouquet – might as well stick with the yellow theme for this post hehe),

and find jewelry

and a place for our celebratory dinner,

but otherwise I’m golden!!

* Oops that’s not true.  We also need to find bands.  John and I are going today to look and try on and also get him fitted. I kinda just want a plain white gold band with nothing on it:

but something like this would be nice too:

* We have an awesome Vegas Shoot scheduled with my initial wedding photographer Todd for 2 days after the ceremony.  Love his work too and glad he’s available.  I’m hoping to do this downtown vegas or the neon sign museum.  Both kickass locations for a newlywed couple’s photo shoot in lieu of engagement pics!

* I get to plan another vacation! Yay Honeymoon!  We’re thinking St. Thomas or Costa Rica if it’s just us 2, or, if we can get a group together a cruise! We haven’t cruised since 08, I miss it!

All in all I got the biggest thing (ceremony) out of the way and now I get to think about fun stuff.  I plan to have everything I need to order done by Sunday.  After this weekend I’ll only have to worry about makeup and hairstyles to show the artist! Fun!





That post above was written before John struck the deathblow (OK I’m being dramatic, but plans have changed a big bit).

He invited his Mom and brother basically so I invited my parents and brother.  
(sidebar, we had a huge fight about what the word ELOPING meant.  It was really upsetting because I don’t remember the last time we fought. ) 
Our wedding weekend is not our own private special goodie anymore, but it will still be awesomely wonderful.
Now I have to find a nice restaurant for a group.
A limo for a group.
Gifts for a group.
Something to do after dinner for a group.
And possibly a next day brunch for a group.

Sounds suspiciously like I’m planning a wedding again, just mini-fied.


Ah well, such is life.
If anyone asks about the wedding I’m telling them we’re semi-eloping 🙂

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Dani @ OK, Dani

Friday 24th of September 2010

Thanks Ethony and Welcome to tha blog Dee and Thanks!

dating diva

Friday 24th of September 2010

Hey I just found your blog... you are so pretty first of all!! And that is so exciting about everything about your wedding is coming together :) and it seems like you're keep super calm and balanced about everything- no bridezilla here!! but im definitely going to be a new follower! cant wait to read more posts



Friday 24th of September 2010

Oh that sucks that things have become stressful, just when you thought you were clear of it all! I hope it all runs as smooth as possible for you. And I CAN NOT WAIT to see you looking like a Goddess on your wedding day!

Dani @ OK, Dani

Friday 24th of September 2010

Oh I love you all!! Thanks! I was over-thinking it.After dinner those mofos are on their own! My HUSBAND and I will have some qt :)

Reich, easy button is coming your way!


Thursday 23rd of September 2010

Dani, no gifts are needed. If you want the idea is sweet but not needed. Also, I would skip planning the after the wedding dinner for the group. I am sure your moms and brothers will understand even if you are semi-eloping!I am so happy this is working out so awesome for pass that easy button over here will ya? lol

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