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Behind-the-Scenes at the Middle Season 8


The middle season 8 season premiere airs tonight at 8pm along with other great comedies.

In honor of the new season starting, I have got to tell you girls about our behind the scenes experience on the set of The Middle. This was one of our last stops during our Queen of Katwe Press trip last month and it was really cool. We got to visit a few TV shows as well.  I’ve always loved behind the scenes stuff. How movies are made, how shows are casted etc. Back in my former life in NYC when I was still acting, I always enjoyed poking around and spying on the crew and seeing how things came together from the “non-talent” perspective. I always wanted to try my hand as a casting director or director of a show or movie.


We got on set and it was different from the other show sets we visited. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by Brick! They were actively rehearsing and taping so we had to be quiet when we were inside. We got to hear and see them at work. While we waited we visited the wardrobe area and found out about their process for finding clothes (anywhere from designer down to Kmart) and how they rotate them on the show just like we rotate our clothes in normal life. They keep multiples of everything just in case… And we found out that the cast isn’t all “hollywood” and picky about what they’re given to wear. It helps that the show isn’t about being fashionable, but more about being a relatable family.


When they were not taping we got to explore the set and take photos. It was cool seeing close up, the rooms we see on TV. The art department is really amazing. They have all these little touches that make the set really comfortable. The whole show is really well done. (I mean, obvi…it’s going into season 8. – Sidebar: Patrician Heaton is boss at picking her roles isn’t she?! She went from one hit show to another hit show… She’s a pro.) I loved seeing the set then going home and seeing it on TV again like…yup…I know that place. LOL


So tonight is the season 8 premiere and I got to watch it in advance. I can’t tell you what happens (and I cant give spoilers like I did here) but it’s a great episode and you’re gunna dig it. (Whether you’re a long-time The Middle fan or not!) Tonight is also the season premiere of Fresh off the Boat, American Housewife and The Real O’Neals. So just grab your snacks and settle in to watch em all and laugh your butt off after The Middle:


If you can’t wait ’til eight…check this out:

Tune in to The Middle Tonight at 8pm on ABC!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.