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How to Make At-Home Date Nights Special

We’ve all heard the advice that to keep relationships flowing smoothly we need to incorporate date nights into our lives. Date nights are standing dates that you have with your partner no matter what else goes on in your schedules.

For many couples date nights have to be an at-home affair, whether due to multiple young children, tight finances or packed schedules. At-home date nights are practical chunks of together time with your significant other that require no travel and no babysitter. After a while, your weekly at-home date night can start to become a bit stale and the usual “netflix and chill” may become a snore.

Here are five easy ways to ensure that your at-home date nights stay fresh and special:

Dress up for it

It’s easy to show up for your at-home date night in the leggings and T shirt you changed into after work. I am guilty of this at times. I urge you to switch that messy bun to a cute hair style, and put on a sexy outfit and makeup.

Dressing up for your date, even if it’s just in the living room, shows that it’s an event that you are excited about and take seriously. Even if you’re doing the same thing you did last week, dress beautifully for it and it will feel more special. Make sure your partner gussies up, too!

Try something new

Is your date night on autopilot? Do you make the same meal or order takeout from the same handful of restaurants? Venture out into new territory. Pick a restaurant you’ve never tried and order dinner there. Pick a Netflix movie in a genre or language you’d normally not consider. Put on bluetooth headphones and have a two-person dance party or play some board games.

If your at-home date nights usually consist of ordering in, perhaps try cooking a meal together. If you normally use music or candles to set the mood, try switching up the vibe or have a patio picnic instead. Or skip dinner altogether and just have a dessert date or bubble bath together. Keeping things fresh helps them stay special.

Do it on a different night

Sometimes shaking things up is as easy as planning your date night for Saturday vs Thursday. You’re in a different frame of mind on different days of the week. Make your Monday night something special to look forward to by scheduling your date night for right after the kids are in bed. See what new day works well with both of your schedules and plan for something special.

Take turns taking the lead on it

Whoever usually plans out date nights needs to take a step back and let the other party lead for a while. Then, take turns planning out your at-home date nights and make it even more special by building in some surprises for your partner. Don’t let your partner know what you have planned and with the “secret” aspect, it’ll be even more special for you both.

Build anticipation during the week/day

Just like you look forward to Friday after a long week, or an upcoming vacation, you can look forward to your at-home date night. Build it up into something to celebrate. Make it fun…or naughty. Call your partner at work and remind them about something date-related. My husband and I will text throughout the day about what’s in store for date night.

Whatever you do, don’t let your at-home date nights get stale. The goal of date nights is to stay connected to your partner on a regular basis. It’s easy to let them become routine week after week, but if you mix things up to keep it fresh, they will continue to be special.

Do you have at-home date nights?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.