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American Horror Story: My Week Without A Phone


I’ve been through some hard stuff in my life. Like seriously hard, trying, soulcrushing stuff… But nothing like being without my galaxy S4 for a week. OK It was more like 4 days…. but it felt like an eternity.

At 8:34pm on Monday, March 21st I dropped my phone and broke it. I know this happened at 8:34 because over the next 12 hours as I frantically checked my phone to see if it magically repaired itself, the warbled 8:34 just sat there on the janky, half-black screen…taunting me.


I was so upset, but figured no big deal, I’d pick up a new one in the morning at Verizon. I had been eyeing the Galaxy S7 Edge anyway. I had never lusted over a phone before… even my old one that changed my life lol. But the Edge…soo pretttyyy!!!

Anyway. I went from Verizon store to Verizon store… from Costco to Costco.. and nobody had my future phone in stock. I tried not to go postal since Roey was with me and finally just conceded and ordered a black one at Costco … even though I wanted a pretty gold one….whatever.


Day 1: My heart was broken when I realized I wouldn’t be able to get a new phone on the spot. Well, I could…but just not the Galaxy S7 Edge. I didn’t want the regular S7 (despite the come up it would be from my S4 that died). I reached for my phone 100 times this day, only to be reminded that I was pitifully phoneless. #firstworldproblems I checked my email on my computer a million times so I wouldn’t miss anything important. (I almost did!) I had to reschedule all my coaching calls last minute via email…and switch some of them to skype… luckily my clients are all awesome chicks and didn’t mind. My business is so phone-based it’s ridiculous. I am buying new phones to set up our landline again just in case something like this happens again.


Day 2: It was crazy not taking pictures of the kids today. Rohan and Kai both asked about fifty times to do “funny faces” (meaning, do the filters on snapchat) but I had to keep telling them no. I pulled out my trusty dslr and took some shots of the kids though. Couldn’t send cute pics as they happened to John and my mom like usual. I am trying to remember to take videos for vlogs and be consistent with youtube….but couldn’t do any of that today.


Day 3: John and I talk and text so much during the day, and we have been emailing a little bit back and forth this week. It’s so different, and I feel so disconnected from him. He comes home from work and I’m like…who is you? lol. I had some sponsored instagram posts due during the day today and luckily my cousin was able to do it for me since I didn’t have John’s phone available.

everything sux

Day 4: I actually cancelled a meeting that was in Miami on this day just because I was nervous driving to a new place without the play by play directions in Miami. Yes…I’m that much of a wussy. But seriously I also just didn’t want to break down with no phone to call for help…my car is acting up. I’m glad I did because this is the day my phone came!!!

so excited


I wish I could say that some magic happened over the 4 days. It would be nice to say that I reconnected with the simpler things…that I happily shed my connectivity and welcomed the break from notification beeps and buzzes… that I realized… “hey man, we don’t need to be tethered to these man made devices. All we need is the sun and the earth….” and all that crap… But….

nope beyonce

I missed my damn phone.

It keeps my biz running smoothly and keeps me hands on with my kids, looking up stuff on the fly and taking special shots of them without missing a beat etc. It keeps me connected to my husband and parents during the day. It keeps me on top of emails (and life at large really) at a moments notice. And I don’t care how firstworldproblemsy I am. I don’t ever want to F up and break a phone again. It’s an annoying and expensive mistake.

The only positive of being without my phone was I realized how much I enjoy capturing moments of my kids day and how much I like taking “real” pictures with my big girl camera. I just wish it wasn’t so heavy. I am now eyeballing this small yet amazing camera…. instead of the Canon Rebel T5i that I was thinking about before…I know what I want for my bday!

How long can you go without your phone?

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Friday 1st of April 2016

I just had my little man so the longest I could realistically go before losing my ish... 3hrs but only if I spent that time cleaning n pumping n he was sleeping the whole time


Thursday 31st of March 2016

I dont think I would have made it through the ordeal alive.

I. Need. My. Phone.


Wednesday 30th of March 2016

Sounds like a nightmare alright! I've gone half a day without my phone a few years ago. I had some issues with my phone and had to leave it at the apple store on my lunch break. I was sitting in front of a computer the rest of the day so it wasn't so bad, but I am so aware of how much I rely on it for EVERYTHING! Glad you survived!!


Wednesday 30th of March 2016

I hope all the snaps I sent came through because I was blowing you up haha!!! Yea iwenrone day without my phone and almost had a panic attack so I feel you!

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