I’m Stepping Up My Photo Game


Look!!!  A decent photo!!! Can you believe it?!

Girls!!! I Finally Dusted Off My Camera!!

Fi. Nuh. Lee!

I have been slowly saving extra $$ for a new camera. Specifically, the Canon T5i.

I wanted this specific camera because:

  • I’m a Canon girl since day one
  • The reviews are ALL great for this model
  • I want to make more youtube videos and my current camera can’t

My camera has been sitting on a shelf, then in a box, then in a closet, then onto a new shelf… for over a year. Maybe almost two years, actually. That’s horrible.
I used to have my dear camera at arms reach at all times. I loved it. Got it from my good friend Hector many moons ago and barely put it down.

Well, I told myself a million times that I was going to whip out my camera so I can take decent photos of my children again…But I never did.

I had to think about why I was letting a perfectly good camera go to “waste.” The camera is big, it’s kinda heavy after a while.  It requires a compact flash card, and then I had to connect it with a cord to a card reader and then to my computer to transfer pics. Then my card reader broke…… blah blah… Picking up my phone was just so easy and automatic.

I held on tight to my lazy excuses…. (for years!) And only recently decided, well, I must have a new camera. That will solve everything.

Until an angel in a blogging group I’m in posted about the best tool for your DSLR camera:

wifi memory card for dslr

Wifi memory cards!!!

(Full disclosure, she posted about THIS ONE but I chose the one above based on pricing and reviews)

And bonus for my old Canon EOS 30D: a compact flash card adapter to put the wifi memory card inside of!!

compact flash adapter for SD card

It’s so important to feel abundant NOW, as you’re on your path to the “bigger better” and these two tools completely fill that gap for me. My issues were convenience and ease, and BOOM. Problem solved.

So… it’s a new day folks!


I’m still going to save for a newer camera (either the Canon T5i when it drops in price, or the Canon T6i next year after I get some solid reviews about it) but it’s no longer an issue for me!

For now…. I’m using what I’ve got!!

+ My Current Canon

+ My Favorite Lens (and the kit lens sometimes)

+ My Cheapie Lighting Kit (for youtube vids)

+ My Favorite Subjects:


I think one of my subjects isn’t too happy about it…

toddler says no paparazzi

What camera are you working with?


    • Dani says

      I gotta look into it. I figure I’ll get one once I actually get more active with my youtubing. What camera are you using now?

  1. AprilD says

    They’re so cute. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for all the new pictures you’re going to be taking 🙂

  2. says

    I have a 30D too and loved it. I have it stored away as my backup camera. Most of the time I’ve connected via USB and if I was using my desktop, I was able to use the compact flash slot. I upgraded to a 60D almost two years ago and love being able to use an Eye-Fi card. I also have a cheap umbrella lamp. I’m here for cheap camera accessories. My next purchase will be the newer version of the nifty fifty.

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