Cheap Wordless Wednesday Post … #Nablopomo Tho!

cheap wordless wednesday nablopomo

Why is this post cheap, you ask?

Because I have just a few minutes to get it posted today to stay true to my #Nablopomo challenge and I don’t like the prompt: “What is the last thing you built or fixed?” Ummm… I don’t build or fix. ::shrug:: (Unless the “dragon style fire truck monster truck” with Rohan’s blocks counts as a build….because it was spectacular.) 

::avoids eye contact::

So… to distract you from my horrific lateness…and lack of a story for today… here’s some cuteness!

pjs Roh1 IMG_6586 kai1

Ro3 IMG_6434 Ro4

That’s all I’ve got today….. #Judgemeifyawanna

Have you taken any cute pics lately? (Or built/fixed anything?)

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  1. says

    Your babies are too cute!! Quick question… What type of camera and lens did you use for these photos? I just bought my first DSLR and I would like to buy a new lens. i’M ALMOST CLUELESS! {I’ve been researching a lil’ bit}

    • Dani says

      I use the “easy button” lens. it’s the 50mm 1.8… i think. by canon. it’s about 100 bucks. So cheapie and good for portraits.

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