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How Often Do YOU Change Your Contacts?

Ok girls, listen. We are gunna keep it 100 here. 

How often do you change your contact lenses? Do you have 1 day or 2 week replacement lenses? 

Do you sleep in your daily wear contacts? IF so, how often?

I’m just trying to see who else was as awful about their contact-wearing habits as I have been in the past. In my 20s I broke every contact-wearer’s rule.

“Blind as a bat.” While that is an inaccurate term, that’s how my vision has been described all of my life. My vision has been poor forever. I’m that friend that can only see vague color splotches when not wearing glasses or contacts. 

And I’m way too vain for glasses, so… I’m in contacts almost 24/7/365. 

But…I don’t have the best habits all the time.

I wear them way too long – Two weeks was more of a ‘suggestion’ for me.

I sometimes forget to take them out  – It’s not my fault! I was working and passed out.

I never know if I’m cleaning them well enough – I dunno, I’m just paranoid about this.

I’ve improved my contact-wearing habits for the most part though. 

Now, John and I are getting a chance to try out the CooperVision clariti® 1 day contact lenses and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve never used a 1-day lens before and I am looking forward to the ease and convenience.

(Get your free trial pair here!)

John is looking forward to not having to carry a bulky solution bottle and cases when he travels for work. And he is glad he has the option to get the multifocal lenses in a daily lens. (Someone’s too vain for ‘readers’ I see)

And we are both looking forward to experiencing the comfort. clariti® 1 day lenses are made of a material called silicone hydrogel, so they are also “highly oxygen permeable” which means they are extra breathable and offer a healthy lens-wearing experience. The lenses are also UV blocking **, which is crucial for us down here in the South Florida sunshine.

CooperVision clariti® 1 day contact lenses seem to be cost effective too, in comparison to other 1-day contacts. Plus, the fact that they let in more oxygen compared to hydrogel 1 day lenses has got to be a bonus. On their site it says: 

CooperVision clariti® 1 day contact lenses allow up to 3x the oxygen to reach your eye, which makes for a healthy lens-wearing experience and whiter, brighter eyes.

Whiter, brighter eyes? That means I look younger…right? *hairflip*

Also, I have seasonal allergies that give me itchy eyes so I tend to rub my eyes a lot. I’ve been known to rub my contact right out of my eye! Then I go into panic mode trying to find it on my shirt or on the floor then if it’s filthy or I can’t find it there’s the anxiety of having one-less lens for that eye. I’m a Virgo. I need things to be even. I can’t have 12 left eye contacts remaining in the box and only 11 in there for the right eye. It haunts me. (And yes, I am in therapy. hahaha)

Anywaaaay…. We got fitted and are waiting for our prescriptions to arrive so I’ll keep you posted on how they feel and fit into our lives. 

If you haven’t seen your eye doc lately, please schedule an appointment. We only get one set of eyes, folks. Let’s keep ’em healthy. (If you’re in south Florida check out Dr. Nodland in Palm Beach County! John and I love him, and he’s great with kids too.)

Now, again I ask you. How often do YOU change your contacts?

** Warning: UV-absorbing contact lenses are not substitutes for protective UV-absorbing eyewear, such as UV-absorbing goggles or sunglasses, because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. Patients should continue to use UV-absorbing eyewear as directed.

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Wednesday 30th of October 2019

I switched to the Clariti 1 day from Acuvue bi-weeklies and I'm so glad I did. I definitely experience less eye irritation and dryness. I will say that they are more expensive than the bi-weeklies, but it's worth it to just be able to toss them out at the end of the day. I also go through less contact lens solution since I only really use it to rinse them off when I'm first putting them in in the morning, and that's just more habit than anything.

Dr. Renee

Monday 21st of October 2019

I don't wear contacts as often anymore so for that reason I keep them for a LONG TIME. I clean my dailies and wear them for months.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.