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So, What Do You Do?


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Why is “So, what do you do?” the first line you hear at events or parties? Why is that the automatic go-to? It’s like “Hi, I’d like to categorize you as easily as possible, so let me know how you earn your living so I can place you in the appropriate box in my mind and judge you accordingly.”

I wish it were more common (and socially acceptable) to meet someone and ask questions like: What makes you laugh? What was your best vacation memory? What are you grateful for today? What’s your biggest goal for the year? What is your super power? What are your hobbies?

Wouldn’t that be nice?! I think it would lead to much more enjoyable conversations.

But alas, “What do you do” persists. ::shrug::

I just say “I’m a blogger” and try to move the conversation to something besides career. (Unless I’m at a networking event where I have to be “on” in that way)

However, I learned at BlogHer’13 that I’m not a blogger. I’m actually an “online content creator and marketer.” Fancy huh.

If I were to answer honestly and fully it would take forever….

Someone: What do you do?

Dani: Oh me? Well, I’m a stay at home wife and mom to a cray cray toddler, so I’m a chef, a maid, a jester, a teacher, a disciplinarian, a conjurer, a playmate, a nurse, a librarian, an executive assistant, an accountant, a manager, an auditor, a psychic mind reader, an actress, and a quality control professional.

Someone: Oh you stay at home? I meant  for work. Never mind.

Dani: Oh…. for work? My bad. I thought I answered you. Well, for money I run a media company. It consists of a coaching business and a mommy/lifestyle blog and there’s a wellness site for women currently in development. I ghostwrite for websites, and write as myself for others. Oh and bonus: I’m also a lapsed grad student, and oops almost forgot I’m just building another human inside of my body 24 hours a day.

Basically, I’m a fucking magician. (as are all WAHMS with young children, in my opinion) What about you? ::sweet smile::

OK, OK…. I wouldn’t ever be as snarky as that in real life….unless provoked…. but seriously, it’s hard for a WAHM to succinctly say “what they do” without shortchanging some part of their scope of operations.

In a business class I took during my coaching training I learned that you shouldn’t actually answer with your job title. You should answer with a compelling description of the things you do. So, instead of being boring and saying “i’m a doctor” you’d say “I save about 20 lives a day.” or whatever…. you get the point.

I think I’m just going to stick to saying “I’m a blogger” because usually, when someone asks you what you do, they really don’t care about the answer anyway, they just want you to finish speaking so they can begin telling you all about what they do. LOL

So…. What do YOU do? Let us know in the comments below!

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Wednesday 15th of February 2017

Oh- I HATE that question as well. Although I am well into my career, it bothered me when I was pushing paper at a childcare center and bothers me now as a kid-level professional. Don't ask me whatI do. I'm going to start telling ppl I'm a professional dancer and let their thought go as they may.


Wednesday 27th of November 2013

I'm not a WAHM but I also hate that question for the same reason you do. My title is Office Manager but my real job is office, facilities & general crap manager... The crap part being I do everything else others don't want to do.

Dani Faust

Wednesday 27th of November 2013

LOL I was an office manager so I know about all the general crap managing that you must do! Have a happy thanksgiving, April!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.