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Smart Home, Smart Fitness at #CTAMiami Lunch and Learn

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a tech lunch and learn by CTA (Consumer Tech Association – The folks who put on the huge CES show) and Techlicious.

It was a real treat, let me tell you.

But first:

Yeah…. this is the life I lead, folks! ::sigh:: (Luckily, John was home so the house didn’t burn down)

But, back to the event!

We learned about the emerging tech that is growing the fastest…virtual reality and the increasingly popular drones are topping the list, as well as digital assistant devices (Alexa, much?) and the fancy 4D Televisions.

We also got a pretty funny look back in time. Here’s what tech items were trending in 1997: VCRs, Camcorders, “Internet Appliance” (what does that even mean? lol!), 27 inch TVs, and Desktop Computers.


What a way we have come in just 20 years. Makes you excited to see what’s to come next!

Here’s a quick Facebook Live video of the event and the cool devices shared:

Some of the smart home stuff:

I so need this in my life. You can unlock your door remotely with your phone to let your kids or cleaning service in, alternatively you can add the keypad for one-time use codes to unlock the door as well. Pretty cool, especially if you’re a space cadet like me who tends to forget keys. ::hangs head in shame:: Also, I don’t like carrying my keys when I go out for a run. This would let me lock up the house safely and enjoy my run without having to tote extra stuff around.

The smart outlets and lightbulbs were also a draw for me because I really dislike coming to my door in the dark, fumbling for keys, with the kids at my heels, bags in my hand…it’s just a mess. I always forget to turn on the outside lights before I leave, but these smart bulbs would let me be able to turn lights in outside and in the house before leaving the car. Just feels safer and way more convenient.

You know I was diggin’ the smart fitness items:

Heart rate monitoring is in everything nowadays. The Jabra wireless Bluetooth earbuds up above are also heart rate monitors and will let you know to slow down or speed up, so you have a bit of a coach in your ear along with your music! The watch has a heart rate monitor built in as well.

The event was great overall: 

And they sent us home with a goodie bag filled with two headphones (yay!) a lightbulb (I was so excited and it’s already installed in my house) and sunscreen and high tech UV patches (John’s going to love it) all in a clear bookbag (that my son has already stolen, renamed a jetpack and has filled with toys, so sorry no pic of that.)

Do have a pic of this gorgeous Knomo tote that is tricked out inside with compartments and chargers to keep all your devices ready for action and stored neatly tho #iwant. (If we’re friends on Instagram you already saw their sleek backpack for storing all your tech on the go – that was hands down my fave item!)

Quick break from the tech to share the deliciousness that was served to us at the event. We were at R House in Wynwood (which is an artsy, hip area of Miami) and the meal was superb. That Japanese lemonade with sake up above in the cheers pic was ev-er-e-thang. I had seafood ceviche for my appetizer and am happy to report it was lemony and real, versus precooked fish smothered in citrus like some places do.

Then I enjoyed the short rib which was so tender and flavorful I think i pretty much inhaled it.

Anyway, I loved learning all about the tech gadgets and what’s coming next on the techy home front, but what I loved even more: Meeting new blogging/vlogging friends and seeing a few I hadn’t in a while!

I also got to see the always fabulous Tara  ( and her hubby Raphael (who let me practice rolling my Rs), and I’m super grateful to Tara for the event invite. I said I wanted to start getting out to FL events, and Boom! Here we are. #manifestation

You can learn more about all things tech (not just home or fitness) at @Techlicious and @CTA. And if you wanna hang out with me (and John) in Vegas next January, come to CES for an even bigger techy fix!!

I received a gift bag for attending this event. All opinions expressed above are my own….but you already knew that! 🙂

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.