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Cruising with a Baby: Packing, Packing, Packing

Well, we chose the cruise, we planned some aspects of the trip, and we are taking a whatever happens happens approach with other aspects.

However, the type A, worry wart side of me is rearing her head wildly when it comes to packing. I’ve got one huge suitcase full to bursting, with me and Roey’s clothes, a duffelbag/pack hybrid thingy full with Roey’s non-clothes gear and stuff,  a regular sized suitcase full for John, and a mini duffel full of…god knows what.

I always over pack. ALWAYS. Even when I say I’m going to follow those rules you read about, taking a few pants and matching several tops to them, and making sure they match with just one pair of shoes bla bla bla…. No.

I’m a “what if” packer. What if it rains? What if I lose these two sippy cups? What if I spill on this dress AND this dress AND the 5 other dresses I am bringing? What if Roey spits up? What if I need to sew on a button? (read: I have NEVER sewn on a button) What if ….whatever.

I know it’s neurotic. And just as I was shoving a full roll of bounty towels and a full tub of clorox wipes (yes) into the mini duffel, John comes in and says: “Do you know how crazy I am?” and I said “yes” but be continued talking anyway. He goes “I’m so crazy I almost convinced myself that I needed to pack this screwdriver.”

We’re quite a pair. Poor Roey.

Well, I pored over the family cruise forums over at and found lots of helpful things for the trip. My packing list for the baby is long, but useful:

  • sunscreen

  • sunhat

  • clorox wipes

  • hand sani wipes

  • suction cup bowl

  • placemat

  • chair cover
  • diapers

  • wipes

  • cream

  • powder
  • pajamas x8

  • swim diapers – small pack

  • outfits x 14

  • dress outfit x7

  • shoes
  • biters

  • sippy cups

  • travel spoon/fork

  • puffs

  • packaged foods for snacks – yogurts/purees

  • toys – dino, gloworm, jacks

  • books

  • sheet for pack n play

  • plastic bags galore

  • soap, lotion, towel, washcloths(5)

  • sunglasses

  • dishwashing soap
  • small stroller

  • breastpump

  • bibs galore

  • plastic baggies
  • light blanket

  • receivers

  • ergobaby and moby carrier

Let’s see what I actually end up using, what I wish I packed, and what I should’ve left at home.

Are you a crazy packer or are you capable of packing “light?”


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Friday 24th of May 2013

OMG thnk u for this list! Im packing for vaca now and ur list helped me with a cpl things I forgot!! :o)


Thursday 23rd of May 2013

I am the what-if packer too! We are going away for a night for our anniversary on Saturday and we are leaving Emma with her grandparents. They have her often so Im not nervous about that but I will probably pack her like we are going to be gone for a week! LOL!

I cant wait to hear all about your trip! And if you let the little one go to the sitter during the day!

Kathy C.

Thursday 23rd of May 2013

I'm sitting her laughing because I totally get you. Here's the thing...I'm putting my foot down with how much we pack for our cruise in December. I can't be loaded down with baby gear and toys knowing full well he'll be more distracted with all the new surroundings to care about his "everyday" stuff. Clothes are a different manner..I always over pack. On your list...I would take off the clorox wipes...the hand sani should be enough. (safe on skin and strong enough to disinfect surfaces), chair cover...and one of the two plastic baggie listings. :) For bibs, they sell disposable ones...may want to look into those.

Kathy C.

Thursday 23rd of May 2013

oh...and see if you can find out if the cruise lets you take some fruits/snacks from the food hall for your kid when you go on excursions. Could cut down your snack list. :)


Wednesday 22nd of May 2013

I am most definitely, 100% certified, the crazy packer! I actually have thought - what happens if I ruined this dress and the other three dresses I packed? But guess what? I have never forgotten anything on vacation and always looked fabulous, so I'm not sure if I'm going to change any time soon.

Now that you have a baby, I definitely think you need to be even more of a crazy packer! So, go 'head!


Wednesday 22nd of May 2013

I am definitely a light packer, so good that I have been told I should actually give a small workshop on it LOL. My approach is to pack enough of the things I know I will need and actually use into a duffel bag that can fit either under my airline seat or in the over head baggage. If it can't fit I don't need it and/or it's something I can get at my destination, products, shower gel, etc. It's partly because of being in the military and having to pack in a way that I had to pick up and go. Also, I absolutely LOATHE waiting at the baggage claim.

This all may change once our baby is born later this year and we have to travel as a family.

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