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I Need @Invisalign In My Life NOW!! #INVStraightTalk #ad

I am excited to be working with Invisalign and share information about their aligners, which are a great alternative to braces.


OMG How young were we in this pic? Jeeez. Actually this was back in 2005 when I had my braces on. John looks like a cherub hehehe. I am pissed that my teeth are back to pre-braces status. I wore those bad boys for over a year (as an adult, mind you) and boom. It’s like it never happened. I wore my retainer for two years, and then lost it but figured I’d be OK. Sadly…no. I need to get me some Invisalign to re-straighten my teeth, asap.

I mentioned in one of my momshell posts that I wanted to use groupon or something to get Invisalign to re-straighten my teeth. I found a few Invisalign dentists and compared the pricing with regular braces and it’s about the same. (Invisalign Doctor Locator)

My little brother got his braces off last year, and his smile looks great! He had traditional braces, but now Invisalign makes “Invisalign Teen” which may be better for self conscious teenagers since they’re practically invisible. Then again, braces are like a rite of passage for teenagers these days. Maybe Invisalign will be the rite of passage for Roey’s generation.

I wish we had Invisalign when I was a kid, or at least that it was more popular back in my early 20’s when I turned into a metal-mouth. It’s just so convenient that you can remove them to brush and floss and eat, and no worrying about stuff stuck in your metalwork! I hated flossing when I had my braces. That won’t be a problem once I get my Invisaligns though.

See this about page for more details on How Invisalign Works:

Plus I won’t have to go to the dentist as often for tightening, I’d just have to pick up my next set of trays every couple weeks. It’s just more convenient all around, not to mention way less noticable. My friend Britney has them (even though her teeth were practically perfect beforehand) and I couldn’t even notice them on her!

I am ready to get these right now!!!

Have you had braces growing up? Have you tried Invisalign? Would you?

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts (and dental regrets) are my own.

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Wednesday 5th of June 2013

I had braces from 5th grade to 9th grade. When I got them removed, I was fitted for a nightguard that I wore for maybe a year, then I got my retainers, which I never wore. Like, ever. So of course, seventeen years later, my teeth have slipped right back to their pre-braces Roger Rabbit glory PLUS my wisdom teeth came in and made my bottom teeth extra crooked. I just cannot deal with braces again. They were painful and ugly and I'm too old for that. This post has just about convinced me to look into Invisalign.


Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Yes I feel your pain. I have braces now as an adult and have had them for almost 20 months. I cannot wait until August when I get them off but thanks for the info on the retainer. I will definitely keep a close eye to not lose it. Thanks for the post.


Wednesday 29th of May 2013

I need braces/invisalign/the jaws of life or SOMETHING to straighten out my two front teeth (my left front tooth wants to be an attention whore and it's starting to come in front of the right one). Most people say that it's not bad at all but *I* notice it and it drives me insane. If only I could convince the dentist to bring down the price tag....


Monday 27th of May 2013

I have straight teeth at the top and crooked at the bottom and I just do a half smile. I've never had braces but to this day, my dad regrets listening to the orthodontist who said that my teeth were beautiful and didn't warrant braces. I considered invisaline before my wedding but they said with the condition of my bottom teeth I'd need traditional braces and I just couldn't go there. I know people who have invasaline and it works well for them it looks nasty when they take it out to eat though I must admit. Good luck and keep us posted. If you're assessed and it works for you def do it, so worth it.

Candice Selby

Monday 27th of May 2013

I really, really, really have been looking into getting Invisalign also!! I think about it every day and I am just trying to figure out a way to pay for them right now :-( I wore braces as a child and never wore a retainer so, I'm not back to pre-braces stage but I'm not happy with my teeth.

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