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Ummm So…..who actually reads insurance stuff when they get hired? What if you work for yourself? Do you research your options? And who actually reads insurance info when open enrollment period rolls around?


I don’t know about you, but I was an autopilot insurance chick for a long time. Ever since I started working, I’d just pick whatever option was cheapest, or check whichever box was easiest for my insurance policy. I had no responsibilities, I never got sick, and I barely had to go to a doctor other than for annual checkups to get a new epi pen prescription. (Plus my doc was cool so I could just call and ask for whatever I needed.) Auto-enrollment? Yes please. Easy button.

I know, I know… you’re lookin’ at me like:


But I was lazy and didn’t know any better.  But…my oh my, how a husband and children changes things.

First comes pregnancy, with the never ending appointments, plus the bonus appointments since Roey was a drama pregnancy. Rohan, with all his babiness, needing constant well-baby visits. Thankfully he only got sick once where we had to take him to the emergency room, but that one time was enough for me to realize the value of being well-covered insurance-wise.

Then comes John with his motorcycle accident, getting hurt real bad, and being bedridden and out of work for months! Being properly insured was a blessing that I didn’t even expect. (Because of course, who expects accidents to happen…that’s why they’re accidents. We don’t plan them.)…I feel like the Aflac duck should pop up quacking after me saying that LOL

Next is lil surprise Kaya, popping up right when we’d decided to hold off on having another child. Right after John’s accident…. right. at. the. wrong. time.  ::sigh:: I had many more doctor appointments with Kaya than I did pregnant with Rohan. and now that she’s here, and we’re a family of four, we have serious insurance needs. My crazy mommy paranoia compels me to make sure we have the right package.

It used to be so mindless, just solo, check whichever box was easiest… But not anymore….

Now I have to be a grown up. Now I have to read things over each year with John and go through what our best option is. We don’t want to pick an option that makes us waste money needlessly, but we don’t want to pick an option that doesn’t fit our needs.

Now we always:

  • Remember when open enrollment time comes around (I’ve missed it many a year back in the day)
  • Check our policy each year, thinking about what changes have occurred that may impact our benefits
  • Decide on what we really need, and what would be nice, and what options are unnecessary
  • Shop around, looking for the best deal that suits all our needs

Outside of making me feel like a grownup, taking the time to do this is really just being a smart mommy and ..ahem… family CFO. And it really is painless. Bonus is when we get to save a little money.

Do you know when open enrollment is? Most people don’t. For more information visit If you don’t currently do it, I urge you to read over your policy information. Sidebar: You can request HR to go over it with you or even ask your employer to set up meetings with the insurance providers if you want it.

So back to my first question…

Do you research your insurance options?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.