Scary Tuesday

If you’re pregnant and not trying to read anything that may upset you, don’t read this.

I wake up to pee in the middle of the night.  I’m having light cramps, but think nothing of it.  I go back to continue tossing and turning in bed until my alarm goes off.  I get up and pee yet again, still cramping, and I. see. blood.

Oh jesus oh jesus oh jesus.

I put on a pad, I go lay down.  What do I do now? Should I call my doctor? (it’s 6:30) Should I go to the hospital?  Should I stay home from work?  I consider waking John, but he’s got a final exam in a few hours so I let him sleep.  I get myself ready for work and go in, figuring if there’s blood on the pad when I get to work in an hour, I’ll call the doctor.  Cramping has stopped so that seems like a good sign.

Arrive at work, go pee, no blood.  YAY!

I start to get some work done and the cramps come again.  Harder this time.  It felt like my period was coming at any moment.  I freak out, call the doctor and get told by the receptionist “You’re probably going to have to go to the hospital, but the doctor will call you back.” CALL ME BACK!??!  But I’m on the phone NOW!!! GO GET HER DAMMIT!!!

I hang up.  Bit my lip. Wring my hands.  Move papers around on my desk.  Consider calling John.  Try to do work. Fail miserably.

I have to pee, yet again.


I pray to every God I’ve ever heard of that my baby’s fine and this is nothing.

Finally, like eons later (it was really about 15 minutes to be honest with you) my doctor calls, and I barely get anything out before she cuts me off and says “Go to the hospital right now, 12th floor, Dr. Wong is there and will be expecting you.”

Oh jesus oh jesus oh jesus.

I think about calling John and messing his day up.  Instead I text him:  I’m having some cramps, the doctor thinks I should just get checked out, everything’s fine. Good luck on the exam.

Then I got petrified.  What if this is something really bad, and I send this guy to take a stupid test when he really should be with me and our baby?


Can’t think like that.

I call my mom, interrupt whatever she said when she picked up and somehow told her to get to the hospital asap.

I’m shaking as I try to pack my bag to leave the office.  I barely get out a sentence to tell my guys at work that I’m leaving.  I think I said something like “docta…. i go…… docta”  but they saw my tears and asked no questions.  I just shook my head turned and speedwalked outta there.

At the hospital, mom’s already there (moment of clarity burst through the fear….how on earth did she beat me here from all the way down by south ferry when I was just acrosstown?….nyc traffic man….) and seeing her I feel safer.  The crying ensues.  She tries to calm me.  She fails.

We wait in triage for what seems like forever…mom’s trying to be a rock and telling me to relax, but every two seconds she’s like “what’s taking them so long!?”  Gotta love her.

I’m sitting there eating my hands and trying not to think about….you know…the worst… when my angel mother tried an age old tactic that works on toddlers and 30 year old daughters alike.  “Let’s play a game!”  We whip out the kindle and start playing some word game and then time flies.

“Danielle, you can come in now, but your friend has to wait here.”  Friend?

“I’m her MOTHER!”  (she loved that….LOVED it.)

All of a sudden I’m in the triage room getting all kinds of wires attached to me.  Hearing beeps, seeing contractions being monitored, hearing them debating an IV, I really was going to freak out.  John called mom, she put on calm voice and allayed his fears…SO glad she did cuz if I had him on the phone it would be something like “FUCK YOUR TEST COME NOW COME NOW MY LIFE IS OVER AAAAGGGHHHH!!!”

Blood pressure. Normal.

Contractions. :( Steady but not strong enough to be worrisome yet.

I suffer through the most painful speculum exam ever.  The doctor (who was like 9 years old btw and so not Dr. Wong) was looking up in there for like 30 minutes.  My mom’s rubbing the skin off my arm during the exam while telling ME to relax. LOL  I’m crying silent tears of fear and nani pain from this rough ass doctor.

They ask me a million questions, STDs, domestic violence, UTIs, bla bla “bitch just tell me what is going on with my son in there!!!”  (I didn’t say that….but I thought it)

Finally they tell me I have a friable cervix which is prone to bleeding even without provocation, but that I’m not bleeding from my cervix proper so that’s good.  Also I’m not actively bleeding which is also good.  Bad news is that bleeding can happen again at any time, and I’d have to come to the hospital every time it happens….just to be safe and ensure it’s not coming from my cervix proper.  Dag.

OK, fine, but what about these damn cramps?

“Oh yeah, your contractions…..let’s give you another painful nani exam to ensure your cervix is closed and long.”

Suffer through that yet again…to be told NOTHING…then they wheel in a sonogram machine.  They give me the internal and external sonogram (which I secretly like because I get to peek at my beautiful boy), find that my cervix is still long, so not to worry. They told me the contractions were unexplained but could be a sign of dehydration.

The doc goes: “Sometimes you drink a liter of water and contractions stop.” And she shrugged.

Is that something you really want to see?  A 9 year old doctor shrug at you.  I wanted to slap her.

But that’s the best they had for me.  They made me stay on the contraction monitoring machine for 1/2 hour, they checked Embry’s heart rate a couple times.  (He did not want to cooperate btw, he was dancing and flipping and made the doctors wait till he was good and ready to take a break before they could get his heart rate haha, that’s my rude baby!) They checked the fluid around him a couple times and then I was given a bunch of no nos:  Sex, exercise, sex, strenuous activity, sex.   They told me to take it easy for the rest of the day and that I can take my friable cervix and go home.

Just like that.

In the cab I text John the full scoop, relieved that it was basically nothing.

He called and I asked him about the final exam.  He goes: “I was so worried, I failed it, I just couldn’t concentrate.”

Ugh! Damn.  “Oh no, I’m so sorry baby!” I felt like complete sh…poo.

“Just kidding! I aced it.  But I was worried.”

Note to self: Punch John in the belly.


I’m really glad the fears I had didn’t come true.  You see blood and you think the absolute worst ya know.  I think somewhere deeeeeep down inside I knew everything would be okay though.  If it was a lot of blood I would’ve taken a completely different course of action.

So I’m kinda living in fear now that I’m going to start bleeding every day and have to go to the hospital every day.  I’m cramping randomly still, but not as severe or steady as earlier, thank goodness.  I’m still a nervous nellie, but not like earlier.

I get home and  found that John had turned into Mr. Belvedere!  “lay down baby, do you want water, do you want milk, do you need more pillows, are you cold, are you hot, want to watch something, want to read something, are you hungry, want me to cook….”  He’s a nervous nellie too.  Bad combo.

I’m going to just try to chillax, be physically lazy, and keep a calm head as best I can.

So.  How was your Tuesday?

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  1. Alexis delacroix says

    Oh, dani!! How scary but I am so glad that everything was okay. Pls do pamper yourself that was nerve wracking. Wishing all the best for you, John and embry.

  2. says

    Oh, I am SOOOOOOOO pleased that everything worked out okay for you.

    Put your feet up, get lots of rest and take the rest of the week off work if you can.


  3. says

    Oh wow! Yes, that sounded scary but it’s awesome your mom got to be there with you and I agree about secretly being excited to get sneak peeks of your LO – I liked that party too =) And that’s so awful that John teased you like that, but it is kinda funny. LOL! Wishing you a continued healthy pregnancy!

  4. Ivy says

    oh my, that was scary. I can imagine how you feel. Everytime I go to pee I’m somehow a bit nervous to look at my pants because I’m scared I might see blood. I’m glad it hasn’t happened and I hope it won’t either….this whole pregnancy-thing is scary, isn’t it.
    I’m glad everything turned out okay and that you’ll be fine now. Hope the cramps and blood won’t come back.

  5. says

    OMG Dani, I am so sorry that you had to go through this. I am glad to hear that everything is ok. Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride I tell you. Please take good care of yourself and I pray for a continued healthy pregnancy.
    It’s so nice that your mom was there for you and John is such a jokester but we forgive him :)

  6. says

    Oh how scary. I’m so glad things worked out for you. I’ll be praying that you have no more scary tuesdays (or scary any day for that matter).

  7. Faith says

    omg, so scary! i am so happy that everything turned out fine … i can’t even imagine how you and hubby were feeling. putting you in my prayers that this doesn’t happen again.

  8. says

    Oh how scary! :( So glad to hear your mom could be there with you and everything turned out ok. I’ll keep you, John, and Embry in my prayers that everything continues to go smoothly from this point.

  9. says

    That’s a scare indeed but so glad everything is ok now. Too bad the little 9yr old couldn’t prescribe something, but from what I’ve read something can’t be prescribed unless they know the reason/cause behind your friable cervix.

  10. says

    I’m so glad you and the babe are okay! Pregnancy will make you go nutso from worry, I’m telling you. Like everyone and their mom has probably told you, slow your roll, let everyone wait on you hand and foot and I’m sure you’ll bake your baby to full term! :-) (((HUGS)))

  11. says

    I’m soooooooooooooo glad you’re fine. I legit bit of 3 nails while reading because I was nervous for you! Happy everything turned out fine for you.

  12. goddessey says

    I knew that everything just had to be okay. It had to be! Don’t scare us like that, lol.

    Take care…doctors orders :)

  13. says

    Thank you girls for the sweet comments. I’m glad everything is OK now too. This “taking it easy” stuff is hard work, but I’m trying!

  14. says

    Oh Dani… So glad everything is ok! That is such a scare! You had me on my toes. I’m really glad it wasn’t something serious, but I can imagine the anxiety you’ll have if you have more episodes. :/ At least Embry gave your 9 year old doc a run for her money. :)

  15. says

    Oh sweetie, I am SOOO glad it came to nothing and everything is fine, but that must have been so horrible for you. A big hug, have a great afternoon.


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