Hello August

hello august

Oh my goodness. It’s August already. Next month is the best month of the year!!!

Happy birthday to all the Leos, I’m sorry your mamas didn’t hold you in longer so you could be a Virgo too. *flips hair*

So August… my goodness.

This is going to be a big month for me. Some major changes happening this month. One tiny bit of travel. A (hopefully) fun Indian wedding. A visit from my broby (that means brother) and …. something I’m dreading. A surgery.

Have you had a hernia surgery before?

I’m scared shitless…but I know I need to do it. Everyone keeps telling me it’s such a simple procedure bla bla bla… but I’m still petrified.

Feel the fear, do it anyway … and all that rot… right? Whatevs

Intention for August

So, every month I set an intention in my journal. This month I had a hard time thinking of one. I need a word that means, shut things down, close up projects, boss it up, keep a cool head, relax & think positive, get ready for new-shit, plan ahead,¬†slow down, and make it out alive. ….. All in one word.

Ha! My vocabulary isn’t that good.

So yeah… I’m just gunna go with “Re-calibrate” which makes me feel like an astronaut, and falls short on my list of what my intention should encompass… but still kinda does the job.

August is my re-calibration month. I can dig it.

What is your intention for August?


  1. says

    Ha! Recalibration. I love it!

    My dad had hernia surgery last week for the second time and he was okay. He just complained about feeling sore for the past week. You will be fine! I know I would be scared too though.

    My intention for August is new experiences. I have had a tendency to play it safe with everything. I’m a creature of habit and routine, but I noticed in the past year that monotony drives me nuts now. In July, I started to switch a lot of things up. If there’s something I want to do or a goal I’ve been pushing back out of fear, I am just going to go for it. I do something every day that I’ve never done and I step waaaay out of my comfort zone. I’ve been getting get results already!

    • Dani says

      YESSS!!!! LOVE IT!!! I hope August brings you a boat load of newness and exciting adventure…and the same in sept, oct, nov, dec too! What kinda results have you gotten?!

  2. says

    Awww…hernia surgery? Any procedure can be terrifying. But you will be ok. Speaking of leos…my son will be turning 6 on the 15th so I’ll be making plans in celebration. I hope FL is treating you good (except all the recent rain). xx

    • Dani says

      Happy birthday to lil man!!! Big party in store? So far so good w/ florida. This rain is no joke, but to be expected I guess. What’s your intention for August?!

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